Top Ten Most Famous Penguins in Club Penguin

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41 Stoptix

Well my best dude since a long time he loves making new friends and parties he is just so entertaining

The best probably! loves parties and likes making friends! I am his best dude since the start

He is awesome I'm sure if he had a youtube channel he would be on number 1 my best friend

The best there ever will

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42 Jedixking98
43 Iceyfeet1234
44 Jakemaster7
45 Poonchee

Ponchee is a very famous penguin. He makes YouTube videos and has over ten thousand subs on his CP channel
'It's Poonchee'
Subscribe and become a Poonchinator today!

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46 Megg V 3 Comments
47 Oscar1

He makes funny videos, but he quit. But I find him humorous.

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48 Oagalthorp
49 Beckham545

Well my best dude since a long time
really entertaining while likes talking kindly

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50 Sonic2368
51 StevanTParkin

He's was well known but he got banned for a unknown reason

52 Blue Gal

Blue Gal is so rare! I saw her at the dock on Sleet today, and even though most rare penguins (She has a red lei) Ignore less rare people, she added me and I'm not even a year old! If you see her say hi!

53 Rsnail

Well the user of this penguin is the creator of cp

I believe Rsnail should be number 1 on this list because he's club penguin's co-founder. Like Come on guys he made Cp before even Disney bought it. He deserves a better place in this list

54 Raph28302
55 Rookie

Half of this list is really just full of normal penguins. Most of these guys are people I never heard of, because they are not FAMOUS. I apologize if I offend you... Actually, I'm not that sorry. You. Are. Not. Famous. Here's a straw. Suck it up. Here's a bridge. Get over it. You are not famous, so please don't put your name here and clutter the list for a tiny chance of someone recognizing you. But I'm not here to rant.

Rookie is a fun penguin. His ditziness and stupidity adds to his fun character! He is different from everyone else. Although he is just a rookie, hence his name, Rookie sincerely wishes to help Club Penguin. So what if he accidentally ruins situations or orders too many things? It just makes him more funny. He tries hard to support his friends and his fun parties. He even discovered the Box Dimension. This is why I believe Rookie deserves to be #1 on this list.

Rookie is absolutely awesome and should tots be number 1 on the list. I have met him and he is even cool in game.

I love rookie hat he is not idiotic and and although he orders to much pizza he still is skiny rookie is the most famous penguin like ever he is funny stupid and an agent and mascot I wish I had his penguin and his clothes

Rookie is adorable Next to Cadence, he's my other favorite. He's fun, silly, and chill, in a dorky but good way. I hope to cosplay my penguin to looking like him one day, until I get the red glasses.

Although, I have a hunch that Rookie is Gary and Aunt Arctic's son. Is that weird? I mean, there's a reason why he's an agent in the first place, despite being naive for it. He helps Gary in the HQ and Aunt Arctic looks a lot like him, not to mention (:SPOILER ALERT:) Aunt Arctic is the director. - MillieTrina_Prower

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56 Butterman603
57 jackthecool2
58 butterman28
59 Casandra2345
60 crazydude851

He's awesome he's my bud and has like 1000000 friends he always uses HIS MONEY IN COINS FOR CHANGE ADD HIM he's ONLINE a lot ALWAYS HELPING PEOPLE AND AGAIN I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE

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