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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


Come on you guys, India? I mean I'm an American born Indian but lets be real, the US is the most famous country. I've traveled the world and everywhere I've been people know how to speak English. Other countries play movies from Hollywood, not Bollywood (matter of fact wasn't it America that influenced that name? ). Our Music artists have Major sold out concerts and airtime around the world, India doesn't. But I do agree that there are more people in India, that would explain why you guys made it to the top of the list. Make no mistake people, more people doesn't equate to being more famous. that's like saying there are more fords so their more famous than Ferrari. America is the place people migrate to for a better life, not India (in fact my parents got the hell out of there). We are the trendsetters and as much as other countries hate us we are top dog. No other country has the diversity of religion, cultures, and language that America does. It's the worlds melting pot; I grew up ...more

Because US have the president and because there quality is very high

Being famous doesn't relate with how good or bad it is, as some people have mentioned above. Movies and music don't do it all! India has rich culture and diversity. Of course, US is popular. But for sure, India is more popular. If we notice the negative sides, the American education system is the WORST. I do like America, I do like India, but sill, India is more popular. It isn't due to our population that we're on the top, then, shouldn't China top all?

Mountains, beaches, lakes, deserts, rivers, forests are a few of the various climates we have for living or vacationing to. We have more major cities than any other country. We have Alaska and Hawaii which are both amazing places to visit. We rest between two completely different cultural masses which are the countries of Mexico and Canada. We have the cultural diversity more than any other country and the citizens are pretty darn nice too!

While I an Indian. India is not a clean country. There is trash everywhere. Every 5 seconds I see a homeless person. And to top it all off, They have a horrible music industry. USA is great. It's pretty clean, I almost see no homeless people. And they have some of the greatest music made there. Sure there are some bad areas. But at least most people have an education

The United States is famous for it's patriotism and freedom. Although many other countries view the U.S. as young, many Americans feel we have rich culture and history. America is known for being a successful part of the experiment of modern democracy.

Some people don't like the USA, personally I do it's my third favorite country, but you can't deny its popularity. If anyone asks you to name a certain country, the us would be your first thought. They invented like 60% of the things we use today, and sorry if that is not true. And I am not being biased, I am not american, but it is true that they are popular, in a good or bad way. Love from Australia!

Makes sense due to the fact that USA is the dominant force in the 20 to today the 21 century mixing brains, brawn, bravery, cool stuff, and last but not least things like going to the moon that the old world would consider down right impossible that made other cultures wet their pants in jealousy, goodness I am not even American yet I am agreeing with someone else really.

Come on, seriously, India? People know cities like New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and Washington D.C. You don't see anyone knowing any from India. Everyone listens to American music and watches American movies, they know the actors and celebrities! No one knows any Bollywood actors. People come here for the American dream! The land of the free! America!

I'm an American. Wow there's too many negative comments from people who could BARELY speak English. Jealousy in my opinion. We are not the greatest country of the world but we are definitely one of the most famous. No matter what country I've visited, there is always an American reference somewhere, whether it's food, movies, music, media. You can't escape us.

How is America not number 1, everyone in the world pays attention to our pop culture and media and music for some reason. No body knows anything about anyone famous from India. Honestly no one pays much attention to India because their biggest rival (Pakistan) is a country filled with unstable terrorists.

Yes the United States is very popular! They're known for they're large and increasing number of obese people! I think they should be top of the list even though I'm not one! They're popular for the number of crimes, obesity just to name a couple!

The USA is famous for everything. Other countries copy the United States. For example India copied Hollywood from the United States. They made Bollywood. Also Japan copied us from Paranormal activity. I hate them. The USA is awesome. India and USSR is not better then the USA. No other country is.

The United States is the worlds most known country because of it's high ranked government and history. The US is the strongest nation that has ever existed in the world. We won both World Wars and showed the world that we are the super power. We've won the most medals in the international competition called the Olympics. We attract many tourists and became the world power. The US has Hollywood. The whole world LOVES movies from Hollywood. As they all say LOVE US OR HATE US YOU ALL KNOW US.

I think the United States is the most famous country because, it have different people and it help poor people who live in the refugee camp. It doesn't care face you're white or black. It have freedom some are not. It great country.

There's always a piece of Untied States in every country. Their presence in industrial products, movies, technologies, history and music gives the country a huge awareness to the world.

I am from Russia I went to 7 countries but I found India is the best of all

Even though I hate my country it is honestly the most famous, largest music industry, best film industry, ALWAYS ON THE NEWS in ALL countries, Apple, Microsoft, tons of restaurants are from here, the war... - JC123

Think of you're life without America so many movies that people watch from it. Amazon, Apple, Disney, Google, Harley Davidson, Coca Cola and plus all the celeberties from America. I am not just saying this because I live in America I have been around the world to Sweden Denmark Africa Belgium and Italy and all they talk about is America to me and how much they know about it.

Seriously, has anyone NOT heard of the US? People from all over the world watch US elections and watch US news, the US government is involved in various other parts of the world, and plus America is still a world superpower.

We have a decent economy and the best military. America is a good example for fighting for freedom and what you believe in and we have much diversity here too. Everyone knows or has heard of the US even if its bad.

It is my Favorite country in the world because it has a lot of fun places and famous places in the world.

It is very very popular America is beautiful warm and makes me think of "fun in the sun" which is amazing I love America so much x

United States is obviously the most famous. You ask almost anyone in any other country about United States and they will know at least the name.

United states is word leading country. We have big army power, global economy power and the most important is super power country in the world.