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201 Mr. Incredible Mr. Incredible
202 Princess Aurora / Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora / Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty's story is quite famous. However, Aurora herself is not so famous...

203 Aladdin Aladdin Aladdin is a fictional character and the protagonist of Disney's 1992 animated feature film Aladdin, and its two direct-to-video sequels The Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves.

He is so nice to Jasmine! His money is so cute and they are best friends. I love how much he respects everyone, and he is funny.

He is my all time favorite Disney character of all of Disney classics

His money? They'd better be best of friends because how else will he be able to buy clothes?

He's more famous - Belle9090

204 Melody Melody

She is so adorable, I love her tail. She is so sweet as a baby and as a 12 year old... I love her

She's so cute I love melody we need more princesses to have babies

205 Vidia

She shows that evil rudeness to tinkerbell that I somehow adore about her. NOBODY IS PERFECT

206 Dash Parr

The blonde super fast kid from the incredibles. Best character in that movie!

I hope Dash gets a girlfriend in The Incredibles 2.

207 Violet Parr Violet Parr

She is brave powerful but shy she helps girls stand up to people

Wish I could have her superpowers

Wonderful name. So hot.

Who on the earth is he

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208 Li Shang
209 Olaf Olaf Olaf the Snowman is a character from the 2013 animated film Frozen, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Those creators, directors, filmmakers and writers of Frozen could've at least had Olaf be created in Aren-delle and become one of Elsa's other long time childhood friends in canon; maybe he could've at least been fairly portrayed to be the one to make her realize that she can actually control her powers if she really puts her mind to it which it would've made Frozen a more believable, better, more classical film than ever but no, instead they just lazily had to keep poor Olaf as this 1D not-so-funny character who doesn't easily really contribute anything to the Frozen movie at all, other than poor visual gags and a crappy song that doesn't need to be in the Frozen movie to move the plot along any so we're all forcefully expected to believe that Elsa who originally feared her own ice magic powers inexplicably enjoyed using them when the Frozen movie was over anyway.

You keep thinking that you can be in summer I believe in you... ROCK ON

Olaf has got to be one of the cutest disney characters of all time.


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210 Elsa Elsa Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

I still think Disney should've tried harder to do a movie about 'The Snow Queen.' My biggest main complaint about Frozen is that Elsa the Snow Princess/Queen didn't/doesn't always get to use her ice magic powers all the time enough at all. The "Let It Go" sequence was the highlight for me. I still always wanted to see Elsa do something, anything and everything much more spectacular than ever all the time in canon, but she never did at all and it's all thanks to all of those cruel, unfair, lazy creators of Frozen who got away with disappointing all of us. My other biggest main complaint about the show, Once Upon A Time is that Ingrid the Snow Princess/Queen didn't/doesn't always get to use her ice magic powers all the time enough at all either. I also still always wanted to see Ingrid do something, anything and everything much more spectacular than ever all the time in canon too, but she also never did at all either and it's also all thanks to all of those unfair writers of the show, ...more

See if only she was really the only, sibling-less, sister-less child herself in canon instead of the forced firstborn and if only she also really had her own Disney canon royal princess/queen solo, then I would've been able to easily her much more than ever, because I couldn't easily stand the idea of Frozen having a main heroine duo at all anyway because it seems like poor Elsa couldn't even have her own Disney canon royal queen/princess film solo which was really much upsetting, uninteresting, unappealing at all especially with the undeserved, unlikable, unwanted, forced, unworthy, worthless, so called sisterhood overshadowing everything else that Frozen would've been better off focusing on without that so called sisterhood getting in the way of anything else that's rather much more interesting and that sisterhood was really the worst all time idea ever so far.

As far as I know, she's the only Disney protagonist on top of my head, who has the amazing powers of a villain, a good heart of a hero, the complexity of an anti-hero, and the striking beauty, elegance and poise of a Goddess. Even as new as she is, the lovely Snow Queen is quickly becoming one of my Disney icons, up there with Donald Duck and Mickey.

I know, right?

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211 Hamm Hamm
212 Agnes

She isn't a Disney character but I do love her unicorns!

She is not a Disney character but I do like her

Ok why is she even on a Disney list shes not a Disney character but she IS great

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213 Anna Anna Princess Anna of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

Why does everyone think Elsa is the best? Well you guys are wrong. Anna is better than Elsa and you know it. Anna doesn't have ice powers but you should know that Elsa can't control her powers in the movie. If you agree, you are going to get the most best Christmas presents ever but if you like Elsa more, you are going to spend your life in jail and learn your lesson.

She is really beautiful and brave. Hope you agree!

Please someone vote her out of 93.

I just can't believe Anna is at the very bottom! That's just insane! Plus she's more fun and doesn't spend her time locking herself up with her mopey feelings about herself.

I honestly don’t think it would be any different than how it is in the film. However, the interesting thing about Elsa is that, not only was she educated and trained to be a queen, but she had these ice powers that she had to learn to control. It was kind of like a “double whammy” in a way, since Elsa was carrying an extra burden and responsibility on her shoulders. Not to mention it’s probably why her parents gave her a lot more attention as she grew up than they did to Anna.
I just think that Anna and Elsa would the same people they are now, even if Anna was older and Elsa was younger. Elsa would undoubtedly still have her ice powers, but it makes me wonder if it would be harder for their parents to help Elsa control them while also having to train Anna as the future queen. When the girls were growing up, the king and queen spent a lot more time with Elsa to help her control her magic while simultaneously teaching and preparing her for how to be queen.
I had kind of ...more

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214 Monstro

He's cool because he's a whale!

215 Svenn

Reindeers are better than people

Silly and sweet svenn is one of my favorite Disney characters ☺

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216 Edna Modes Edna Modes Edna Mode is a fictional character from Pixar's Incredibles Franchise. She is a well-known suit designer for super heroes of all kind. She has a slightly spunky attitude and firmly believes that your costume should be powerful, while still looking good.

Hilarious she makes me laugh so much

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217 T.J. Detweiler
218 Figment

He should also be in at least the top 10!

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219 Percival C. McLeach

Normally I hate poachers and love animals, but this guy is hard not to like. He makes a great villain. Utterly cruel and psychotic, he loves inflicting pain and torture as well as killing. But despite his evil nature, he can be funny at times, especially when he gets angry at Joanna, his pet Goanna lizard. He's one of my favorite Disney characters/villains without a doubt.

I absolutely hate this guy no matter what because of poaching but mostly because of his mistreatment of Joanna, especially since I love reptile hate mammals and since I love animals and hate humans. If I'm Joanna, I'd turn against him by first biting his hands off.

He is my favorite villain of the rescuers down under

220 Rico

His somewhat dark and mysterious demeanor makes him a pretty interesting character. Even his appearance is pretty awesome. And he seems very good at deceiving; none of the good guys even suspected he was a bad guy until the ending, when it's revealed he was Slim's partner in crime. He is, in my opinion, one of the coolest Disney villains/characters in the world.

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