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321 Cruz Ramirez
322 Eddie Valiant
323 Judge Doom Judge Doom
324 Smart Ass
325 Greasy
326 Stupid
327 Wheezy
328 Elsa Elsa Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

As far as I know, she's the only Disney protagonist on top of my head, who has the amazing powers of a villain, a good heart of a hero, the complexity of an anti-hero, and the striking beauty, elegance and poise of a Goddess. Even as new as she is, the lovely Snow Queen is quickly becoming one of my Disney icons, up there with Donald Duck and Mickey.

Elsa is a character who is believable, yet at the same time, extraordinary! Those who brand her with the term, 'Mary Sue,' are simply proving that they are nothing but close minded, ignorant ranters who see themselves and the world through a dirty and cracked reflecting mirror. What kind of Mary Sue has insecurities, extreme guilt, depression, and acute introvertism? Not to mention that she is excruciatingly awkward in social situations, as well as aloof? Come on! She proved her love of Anna in the end, (I have a bit of a theory that both members had to show an act of true love to break the spell) and she has realistic problems with her powers, even though she masters them in the end. Elsa and Anna are awesome heroines!

Elsa is probably the greatest female character of all time. She's expertly animated, well thought out, and amazingly powerful.

Elsa is all right but you might like who she is because when my dad went to jail they put on the movie my dad thought about us kids so he staid in to watch the movie and when he got out he told us all about it

December 1, 2016

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329 Absolem Absolem V 1 Comment
330 Princess Aurora / Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora / Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty's story is quite famous. However, Aurora herself is not so famous...

331 Olaf Olaf Olaf the Snowman is a character from the 2013 animated film Frozen, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

You keep thinking that you can be in summer I believe in you... ROCK ON

Olaf has got to be one of the cutest disney characters of all time.

Olaf, you are peanut butter to my jelly. I couldn't live without the creation of this awesome sauce character! Can't he be real? I mean he's a snowman that talks!

He is really sin of a &@&

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332 Anna Anna Princess Anna of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

Why does everyone think Elsa is the best? Well you guys are wrong. Anna is better than Elsa and you know it. Anna doesn't have ice powers but you should know that Elsa can't control her powers in the movie. If you agree, you are going to get the most best Christmas presents ever but if you like Elsa more, you are going to spend your life in jail and learn your lesson.

She is really beautiful and brave. Hope you agree!

Please someone vote her out of 93.

I just can't believe Anna is at the very bottom! That's just insane! Plus she's more fun and doesn't spend her time locking herself up with her mopey feelings about herself.

She belongs higher on the list with Elsa she is so pretty and kind and loving wait we've had all the frozen characters but kristoff where is he on here

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333 Aladdin Aladdin

He is so nice to Jasmine! His money is so cute and they are best friends. I love how much he respects everyone, and he is funny.

His money? They'd better be best of friends because how else will he be able to buy clothes?

He is my all time favorite Disney character of all of Disney classics

334 Harley Quinn Harley Quinn Harley Quinn is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as a sidekick of the Joker.

What, Harley Quinn Is Not A Disney Character. - masoncarr2244

Not even Disney...some stupid 6 year old must have put this on here.

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