Most Famous Dogs

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1 Brian, Family Guy
2 Lassie
3 Pluto Pluto Pluto, also called Pluto the Pup, is a cartoon character created in 1930 at Walt Disney Productions. He is a yellow-orange color, medium-sized, short-haired dog with black ears.
4 Snoopy from Peanuts

Snoopy is awesome. In fact SO awesome that you just cannot explain it.

5 Beethoven from Beethoven

saint bernards are my favorite big dogs

6 Scooby-Doo

Scooby is #1 in my book

7 Eddie
8 Gromit
9 The Queen's Corgis V 1 Comment
10 Odie from Garfield Odie from Garfield

The Contenders

11 Bouncer
12 Toto from The Wizard of Oz
13 Marley from Marley & Me

Marley is known as the world's worst dog,
But we will always remember him as the dog who made us scowl, laugh and (Everyone) has to admit it) cry.

14 Bonnie
15 Blue from Blue's Clues
16 Spike from Rugrats
17 Wellard
18 Zelda Van Gutters from Nick Magazine
19 Bullseye, the Target dog
20 Magenta from Blue's Clues
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1. Lassie
2. Brian, Family Guy
3. Pluto



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