Most Famous Indian Muslims

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61 Shihab Thangal

Number one leader

Yes... Real leader

62 Altamas Kabir

Altamas Kabir (born 19 July 1948, Kolkata) was the 39th Chief Justice of India.

63 Laraib Ziya
64 Resul Pookutty
65 Irfan Pathan

He is the best Indian cricketer allrounder and a good Muslim.

Really he is a good player not only in cricket but in real life too.after his marriage he didn't to went to honey moon to enjoy instead tat he went to mecca (the holy place of Allah)and thank god for giving a good and making his life beautiful ever.

66 C M Ibrahim
67 Feroz Nuruddin Saith
68 Rahman
69 Prem Nazir
70 Mamukkoya
71 Farhan Amaan
72 Syed Chand Patel

Syed Chand Patel was a Indian philanthropist, humanitarian and a social reformer. Fondly called the Shaan-E-Deccan” for him valuable contribution towards the community and society by preserving secular fabric of great city Hyderabad. Syed Chand Patel was a visionary leader who strongly advocates the development of Muslims and backward societies in all forms of life. - syedsiraj

73 Shahmeem Miah

Founder of oil company Shell the biggest oil giant in history.

74 Mohammed Zaid

Mohd zaid he was (born 1996) in up
He is a body builder in Mumbai

75 Mohd Wasiq

When we talk about wasiq that the thing we mind only of their acting, fame and style.
He is Good person and helping in Healthcare and Education

76 P. K. Abdul Aziz
77 Wasim Jaffer V 1 Comment
78 Farhan Fazil
79 K. P. Ummer
80 Bahadoor
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