Most Famous Individual Guitars

Hendrix's fender, the Edge's explorer, or something else? What is the most famous used single guitar ever?
The Top Ten
1 Jimi Hendrix's Fender Strat

This is only number one because he made the national anthem better and lit it on fire

it was the worlds greatest guitarist favourite guitar

he played it upside down for christ's sake


2 Slash's Gibson Les Paul

nice design but makes for crappy sounds. I still love slash though

3 Brian May's The Red Special

This guitar wasn't made of a single part of actual guitar peices. It was made of a bike and fireplace mantle. It has it's own unique sound and a bunch of buttons and knobs and switches only he knows what they do even the pick isn't a pick it's a coin

Hi is the only one who has it
This guitar doesn't sound like fender or gibson, it sounds like the red special, that's why it is so special.
It is really iconic!

Affectionately known by the band as "The Fireplace" I believe. It's the serrated edge on the old UK sixpenny coin that gives it its unique sound.

The Red Special was actually handmade by him and his father, not custom ordered from a Fender or Gibson catalog, beat that!

4 Matt Bellemy's Manson

Its MATT BELLAMY, not MATT BELLEMY... And he has a such great guitar... Manson midi with kaoss pad...

5 Eddie Van Halen's Frankenstrat

I think this guitar should be 1st or at least 2nd. Eddie's design was so creative and was so unique which gave a "rock and roll" image with that red, black, and white color scheme. Can't believe it's this low.

How is this number 5?! This guitar stands out so much more than some of the other ones! It should be at LEAST second. Its such a beautiful design and an awesome guitar.

His first guitar was actually only black and white. I agree, it should be at the very least 2nd.

6 Eric Clapton's Blackie Fender Strat

The guitar was used on many sessions and performances and sold at a Christie's auction for a record $959. 500 for charity.

A put-together guitar. But really, he could play a $100 squier and make it sound like a million. ogf

7 Dimebag's Dean
8 The Edge's Gibson Explorer
9 BB King's Lucille

surely this fantastic guitar should number one if this table on top of the fender strat

10 Jimmy Page's Doubleneck

this should be higher, this is what jimmy was known for (apart from playing guitars with cello bows)

this guitar should be the second one of all times

The Contenders
11 Angus Young's Gibson SG

So trademark that I had to deliberately not choose cherry colour in hopes of not being overly associated with Angus

angus young is so mad just like this guitar there is just something special that makes this guitar so good

12 Tony Iommi's Gibson SG
13 James Hetfield's ESP
14 Billie Joe Armstrong's Blue

Billie Joe's Blue might not be the most known but it is definitely one of a kind and has its own character like no other!

Green Day FOREVER!

He uses the same guitar since he was 11 years old. Blue is a part of Green Day's history and responsible for some of the distinctive sounds.

He has the same guitar since he was 11 years old. She is a part of Green Days History

15 Zakk Wylde's Bullseye Les Paul

Zakk's axe is much more identifiable than most guitars on this list. Let's boost it to the top!

16 Tom Morello's Arm The Homeless Kramer
17 Noodles' Ibanez
18 Stevie Ray Vaughan's Number One Strat
19 Randy Rhoads Polka Dot Flying V
20 Johnny Marr's Gibson SG
21 Ted Nugent's Gibson Byrdland
22 Kirk Hammet's ESP M-II Zorlac
23 David Gilmour's Black Strat
24 Joe Perry's Tiger Stripe Les Paul

Come on. This guitar is freaking incredible awesome pictures if you google Joe Perry Les Paul.

25 Jimi Hendrix's Psychedelic Flying V
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