Michael Jackson

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Michael Joseph Jackson was an American singer, dancer, and songwriter born on August 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana and passed away on June 25, 2009. He donated (at least) a remarkable 500,000,000 dollars to charity. Michael is also known as The King of Pop (a title given to him by Elizabeth Taylor) or under ...read more.


Michael Jackson is known around the world. What sets him apart as the best known person of all time is the fact that besides the Western world, he is known even in the most rural parts of India, the hinterlands of China and even to the poorest people in Africa. He is virtually the only Western individual enjoying this kind of recognizability in those parts, not only for his unparalleled impact on the 20th centuries culture but also his humanitarian efforts.
This coupled with the fact that more people are living these days than ever before and Jackson's ability to transcend racial and generational barriers makes him the most famous person the world has ever seen.

No one has ever achieved as much as he did. He brought love, joy and happiness to the world. All he ever wanted was to make the world a better place and he succeeded. He is a true angel sent from heaven by God, that will never be forgotten. Even those who don't like him, can't deny that.

Michael Jackson is the most famous person as stated in the Guiness Book of world records! He is known throughout all four corners of the planet because of his phenomenal talent, humanitarian efforts, and his profound ability to transcend to ALL races, the very young and old, and his ability to shatter barriers! His remarkable music catalog is truly genius, timeless artwork, and the love he put into his crafted masterpieces will beat in the hearts of millions of generations to come for all eternity!

King Michael all the way. Despite being a victim of his own fame, or rather, of jealous people claiming he was a bad person, Michael was one of the best people who ever lived, definitely one of the most talented artists and the most famous human being.

I agree 100%. Everyone knows Michael Jackson, everyone agrees he is extraordinarily talented and phenomenal even if they don't like him, they can't deny the obvious.

Innocent Michael brought the world a new meaning and a brand new style of music! his talent is out of question and I guess his entire life is a story many of us should learn from and I believe his voice and beliefs must be remembered for all time!

The greatest music act to ever grace planet earth. Beyond the creative genius; it was the myth, the hysteria, the aura, the invincibility and the countless World records achieved that put MJ in a class of one. The world of entertainment changed when Michael Jackson was at his 80's and 90's peak, for he took it to new heights. The world of media changed too. His originality will never again be matched and he brought the internet to an unprecedented halt following news of his death in June 2009.

Michael jackson is definitely the most famous person after jesus. of course I love Michael and his talent but I think you can't compare people with gods or something like this

Michael Jackson is a legend and a gift to this Earth. So sad he had to leave so soon. RIP Michael Jackson, The King of Pop.

Michael Jackson should take number one because neither Jesus nor any other biblical or other religious persons found in old religious texts cannot be verified as actually having lived as human beings. They may only be characters if mythology.

Seriously duh Michael jackson won tons of awards in one night for thriller and your saying he's not famous well I think your as stupid as hell!

Michael was defiantly blessed and amazing. He was original and down to earth. I love to listen to his songs because they are different and some very caring songs. He is good looking as well.

Michael Jackson is hands down the most famous. Across the whole world, almost anyone will know who he is and probably have heard Thriller.

He was a musical genius. He was a perfectionist and prodigy at the same time. He could dance, sing and perform so well that people who saw him live in concerts consider it the best time of their lives. His sudden demise had flooded the internet immensely. He will stay alive in the hearts of the fans forever!

He transcended all boundaries, borders meant nothing to him (both literally and metaphorically), his art is timeless, everyone - from New Zealand to Alaska to Mexico to Japan to Germany to Poland to South Africa - knows his music, his dancing, his charisma, his humanitarian work.

Everyone knows the name of Michael Jackson, he is even known simply by his initials MJ. You have to be highly well known for that to happen. Thriller is the most popular album ever made, and his music and his dances are played and seen everywhere you go. He is so famous that simply imitating one of his many talented and iconic dance moves will make people think of him. His light will live on far into the next centuries, as every pop song forever more will carry the musical DNA of MJ

I just have to say he was a mass singer and he will always be the best of all time

Michael Jackson is simply the most famous man that has ever lived. Unfortunately, I can't help believing that this astronomical level of fame was his ultimate downfall.

I don't know much about spirituality but as a layman I can purely see and sense reality. This legend came and change billions without sermons. What did he do exactly? He never sought love or worshipping yet the whole world loves him... Miss you Michael

Michael Jackson was an exceptional case in this world. His eyes see this world in a different way. The world of love and music. He always wanted to be a child which sometimes been shown in his behaviour even in the age of maturity. After all he was a gift from God.

Michael Jackson was the most famous person alive when he was around and he still know by everyone today

Michael Jackson is the most famous person in the planet and he became a the music iconic star & humanitarian in the world, as a Man in the mirror vision he make that change his life

Known and loved all over the world. We love you Michael!

I love MJ. Besides he dealt with lots of suffering and pain in the past years of his life. His father abused him, he dealt with lots of rumors and accusations of child molestation, he was depressed and he says that he couldn't even look at himself in the mirror, he died because some doctor murdered him. As far as I know he has had a pretty difficult life.

Michael, is simply Michael. That's all! Most famous Musician in the world. Most famous Dancer in the world. Most famous songwriter in the world. I don't think you can name anybody, who do dot know Michael.