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61 King Louis I


62 Harriet Tubman

Great women, she fought like Martin Luther King Jr., FIGHTING FOR RIGHTS, EVEN IF BLACK, OR WHITE

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63 Benito Mussolini Benito Mussolini more.
64 Dwayne Johnson Dwayne Johnson Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American and Canadian actor, producer and semi-retired professional wrestler, signed with WWE.

Come on who doesn't know "Fast and furious", bodybuilder... Everyone knows him. Aside from the fact that unlike lots of people on this list there is nothing to hate about him!

He should be #1 he is the rock he is the best actor especially in central intelligence he's Hilarious in that movie

Everyone knows what the rock is cooking

He has been in many different productions WWF and movies

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65 Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. Robert John Downey Jr. is an American actor. His career has included critical and popular success in his youth, followed by a period of substance abuse and legal troubles, and a resurgence of commercial success in middle age.

I mean he's iron man! Who wouldn't vote for him? He should at least be in the top 5!

Republican actor, makes him better than all the rest

I want to be iron man take off my armor

MY favorites...

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66 Ben Franklin Ben Franklin


Um why 53? maby 2?

67 King Louis XVI
68 LeCrae LeCrae Lecrae Devaughn Moore, mononymously known as Lecrae, is an American Christian hip hop artist, songwriter, record producer and actor.

Best rapper of all time

Next level

69 Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan Ronald Wilson Reagan was an American politician and actor who was 40th President of the United States from 1981 to 1989 . Prior to his presidency, he was the 33rd Governor of California from 1967 to 1975, following a career as a Hollywood actor and union leader .
70 Joseph Stalin Joseph Stalin Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin was a Georgian dictator, and was the leader of the Soviet Union from the mid-1920s until his death in 1953. Holding the post of the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, he was effectively the dictator of the state.
71 Lady Gaga Lady Gaga Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, known professionally as Lady Gaga, is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She is the first female artist to ever since Cher to get nominated by the Grammys and Emmys . In 2013, during her era on Artpop, she was chosen to perform in a concert from iTunes . more.

Everybody knows Lady Gaga! This doesn't mean she should be at the top. Her lifestyle should not be an influence on little children!

I have heard her music an it rocked my mind so badly so I put her as number 3

I like her music a lot, though why would you get a picture of her touching her breast?

An icon truly, she inspires so many. ICONIC

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72 Morgan Freeman Morgan Freeman more.

Played mandela and god as an actor what better roles are there

I think he would turn to be a kind man

Very good person

I can smell you

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73 Isaac Newton Isaac Newton Sir Isaac Newton PRS was an English physicist and mathematician who is widely recognised as one of the most influential scientists of all time and a key figure in the scientific revolution.

He invented the laws of flight that we use to get around the world he is extraordinary very smart man

Anyone who finds out what gravity is deserves to be in the top ten.

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74 Elizabeth I Elizabeth I

The queen mother

Should be at 10 th

I was there

75 Billy Graham

Praise God!

Great... Man... ! ""

76 Abraham Abraham Abraham, originally Abram, is the first of the three biblical patriarchs. His story, told in chapters 11 through 25 of the Book of Genesis, plays a prominent role as an example of faith in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. According to the bible, God called upon him and told him 'through your son, Isaac, more.

He was the beginning of the Jewish nation when God blessed him with a nation

This fictional character is, indeed, very famous.

He should be number 3


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77 Tom Brady Tom Brady more.

I think you're gay

NOO HE IS A CHEATER! ( good but cheap )

78 Wayne Gretzky Wayne Gretzky

This guy brought hockey to an all no level. Where would hockey be in California today if not for Gretzky? Come on some of the people ahead of him are not even house hold names to some average people but even non hockey fans know who Wayne Gretzky is.

79 Rick Warren
80 Fidel Castro Fidel Castro Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, known as Fidel Castro, was a Cuban politician and revolutionary who governed the Republic of Cuba as Prime Minister from 1959 to 1976 and then as President from 1976 to 2008. Politically a Marxist–Leninist and Cuban nationalist, he also served as the First Secretary of more.
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