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21 Chibi-Robo
22 Jeff Andonuts

The multi bottle rocket!

23 Ninten

A character in the Earthbound series that made an appearance before Ness and his game Mother was Originally was going to be released in America then it was suddenly cancelled for some reason.

24 Lucas

He's an Mother hero! Sadly, his game was only released in Japan so people didn't get to play it in America :-( ∆Although∆ He's still a hero!

25 Saria Saria Saria is a fictional character in the Legend of Zelda video game series, making her debut in Ocarina of Time. She is a Kokiri, a race of never-aging children, who is Link's childhood friend and later, one of the six sages of Hyrule.
26 Ryota Hayami

First Appeared: Wave Race 64

27 Wanda
28 Olimar (Pikmin)
29 Krystal

Did everyone forget that cowardly blue fox? Maybe she's not popular I thought she was.

30 Geno (Super Mario RPG)
31 Kickle Cubicle
32 Diskun

Diskun got a trophy in Melee, and other than that, he's had so little (if any) appearances since the discontinuation of the Famicom Disk System. For the FDS' popularity, I think he'd deserve a little more popularity, y'know? - GalaxiButter

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