Most Frightening New Doctor Who Creatures

10 most frightening Doctor Who creatures from the new series.
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1 The Weeping Angels

My God. These things scared the crap out of my fully grown father, who is not easily frightened. These things are scary and completely silent. They only stop moving when they are being observed. Which means one could be right behind you...

Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you could believe. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink. Good luck.

That part when whatever her name is and that boy were talking and that boy wasn't looking at the angel. And when they look up, there's was a angel about to jump on them. x3

From "Blink", "The Time of Angels", and "Flesh and Stone"

2 The Vashta Nerada

Silence in the Library/ Forest of the Dead scared me so much that now I'm afraid of the dark

From "Silence in the Library" and "The Forest of the Dead"

And I'm scared of the dark ON TOP OF THIS... nighttime, how I hate you.

I am so afraid of them, it was my first episode and I still make sure I don't have multiple shadows ʘ_ʘ

3 The Empty Child

"It's a phone, a ringing phone... What am I supposed to do with a ringing phone? " The Doctor puzzled over this for quite some time. He eventually picked it up. "Hello! " He chirped. "This is the Doctor speaking! "
"How can I help you? "
"Are you my mummy? "

He was pretty freaky. And how when he turned somebody else into an empty child the gas mask came out of their mouth.

Are you my mummy?

From "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances"

4 Midnight Creature

What makes the Midnight creature scary is that you can clearly see the Doctor is terrified of it. He always uses his mind and his voice when defeating a creature and it's one of the rare villains the doctor can't do anything against. It's the hostess that defeats it in the end by sacrificing herself. Also you never find out what it is which is another thing that makes it scary.

I think this is scariest because we never find out what it is. Let's face it, the Doctor is afraid of it. That's pretty good evidence we should be too.

Because we never got to know what it is and it is very scary

5 Peg Dolls

They look like something you would see in a horror movie.

6 The Silence

The Silence are just as if not more scary than the Weeping Angels because the weeping angels you can still remember them, but turn your head away from the Silence you forget they exist. They could be right behind you and you would never know

This top 10 is obviously quite out of date, but I'd argue that the idea of the silence alone is the most creepy idea Doctor Who has ever come up with. Vashta Nerada are a close second.

I guess there scary. But if I were to see one one a street side I wouldn't be that scared.

SILENCE WILL FALL...that scared the crud out of me.

7 The Ood
8 The Clockwork Dolls

I nearly wet my pants when they suddenly step out in front of you. They look so real from the look of the hair and there face to there clothes that are tattered and torn.

9 Prisoner Zero

From "The Eleventh Hour"

10 The Beast

From "The Satan Pit"

The Contenders
11 Cybermen
12 Data Ghost

From "Silence in the Library"

13 The Flood
14 The Family of Blood

From "The Family of Blood" and "Human Nature"

15 Plasmavore

From "Smith and Jones"

16 Davros Davros is a character from the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. He was created by screenwriter Terry Nation, originally for the 1975 serial Genesis of the Daleks.
17 Saturnyne
18 The Gelth

From "The Unquiet Dead"

19 The Slitheen

Imagine this: An 8 foot tall creature appears in your hallway, strangles you to the ceiling with 3 foot long claws, and takes out your skin and wears it!

20 Professor Lazarus
21 The Daleks

The Daleks are AMAZING doctor who villains but by now they have appeared so much in episodes that no one is really that scared of them anymore.

These enemies are not new unless you are talking about those colored ones

22 Skaldak
23 Cyber Shades
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