Most Fun Thing to Do with Your Computer

Not the thing you do the most with your computer, but what you LIKE doing the most with it!

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21 Dust It

Whoo! Dustin" nothing better than that espacially when bored! Thanks mate!

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22 Go On This List

Hey please anyone reading this leave a comment because I am doing this to see if anyone will chat to me

I like commenting too! hii, anyone who goes on this website and read this please leave a comment. I am doing a test to see how many people will listen to me!

I love unicorns a lot... I'm sorry that was a little random... I'm only ten

Hoi, This is comment

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23 Scaring people into thinking they have a virus

Funny that happened to me before but it was just my friends geeky dad

especially the deleting windows prank I really love that! and I always try to prank

What makes it fun to do something like that your an ass!

All the way! Scares EVERYONE as long as you know a fake 'virus code'

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24 Play with Your Desktop Background
25 Send Viruses

Who the heck does this?

I did that to a jerk in my class and he payed the price haha stupid idiot

How is it fun that's awful and mean. - AO1-H1KAR1


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26 Turn it off

Also, don't do options "Send viruses" and "Vandalize Wikipedia". Both are illegal, both are douche things to do.

Going outside during summer is way better than sitting inside on a laptop or computer in the fist place!

This should be first outside is life - DogeFan132

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27 Wallpaper

I need a new wallpaper.


i like it

28 Blog

Don't do that to people, you'll just be a mean person, and a bully
People should not be treated like that because you can't deal with your own emotions, that's your fault not theirs

Blogging is fun! Especially on TheTopTens!


29 Use other people's emails to update Wikipedia causing them to have an inbox full of emails from wiki

LOL I tried to do that once!

30 Burn it at your local bonfire

Did this once by my school. BIG FIRE WITH BIG SPARKS! Seriously, they shot up like 20 feet. Lotta fun. You should try burning a computer too!

I think I should only do this to my old computers.

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31 Pull the Keys Off

I wanna do this to somebody so badly now

You could play scrabble with a friend

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32 Simulate Cool Things
33 Twitter Twitter Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, "tweets," restricted to 140 characters.

Twitter is way better than Facebook.

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34 Talk to it

Hey baby want some new hardware?

Talk to Cortana!

35 Try out different operating systems.

How do you dual-boot Windows 10 and Linux?

Use live CDs and USB sticks. If you like it, install it. There are lots of freeware Linux based systems. Dual boot. Multi boot. Run Android on your PC. Hours of fun and frustration. Great way to gain experience with different systems. If it's too frustrating...go to number four in this list.

36 Tear it apart bit by bit

That's always fun to do when your mad at the world for making a high tech gadget that you can't carry around with you and its bulky so I say on to you go nuts with the destruction

37 Move the Task Bar

Or move the monitor's orientation by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Down key.

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38 Spam

Just like "Thumbs up if you read this in 2016! "

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39 Watch Tutorials

On how to fap

40 Watch Porn

Lesbian ass to ass double headed dildo. You're welcome.

The ass is amazing

Yes, my favorite - EliHbk

the best - emilk

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