Most Fun Thing to Do with Your Computer

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61 Read Articles on

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62 Go on Chatroulette
63 Kiss the Screen

What if your screen is dusty? Yuck.

64 Play with batch/MS-DOS (CMD Command Line)

Batch is really easy to learn and super fun to use! Plus there is a bunch of text games for batch and if your using a Windows XP and before computer you can play ANY MS-DOS game! - yellowwinner

Oh I love doing this! I used to create little digital gameshows and some text adventures back with windows XP over in 3rd grade! Deeply recemended.

65 Type your password

It sucks if someone remapped your keyboard keys and you can't type your password properly.

66 Smash it with a hammer


Johnny: I had to do it. It got a virus that stops it from working COMPLETELY!

Mom: Attaboy Johnny - N64Dude

67 Find New Friends
68 Porn

Does the internet ever become anything or do we still use it for porn? It's porn isn't it?

It's a daily routine at least get your 5 a day seriously

JUST STOP SAYING PORN, I am the president so you will get banned fro the internet

Ever Notty, Emma Butt, Alexis Texas, Samantha Saint, Lisa Ann and many more.

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69 Overclock your computer

But don't be ambitious as hell

70 "Accidentally" Destroy it
71 Browse Planet Christmas
72 Read
73 Go On Funbrain

Funbrain is so cool it says it is education but its not its just fun there's books real games a lot of stuff go check it out its going to say funbrain playground please vote for me thxs love you guys

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