Most Ghetto Cities In the U.S.


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21 Shreveport LA

Ghetto kids riding on the handicapped scooters in the Wal Mart harassing everyone in line and security doesn't even care. Guy punches his girlfriend like 10 times in front of my hotel and calmly just gets out of the car and starts walking down the street. That was just in the 1 day I stayed there during a stop through on vacation.

Down town needs some help bad

Shreveport sucks

22 Kansas City MO

It all starts in the middle

23 Pomona CA
24 Washington D.C.

People forget where the most Afro-Americans live

25 Ogden UT

This place is really ghetto, and I get jumped every time I go outside. I've just heard that though, never experienced it myself.

26 Pittsburgh PA
27 Charlotte, NC

Super ghetto

I've seen 3 people get shot on Tryon and everybodes over here are very intimidating and don't go to west or nor charlotte it's like going to your final destination my friend got robbed in norfside and shot at and they got Hella gangs

28 Tampa FL

If you go out the downtown. You'll found a ghetto neighborhood. However, if you head out to rural area away from Tampa, it's not ghetto. Tampa was a great city but northern would turn this into like New York City. - InfernoTopTenners

Nice place but Ybor City is very ghetto.

29 San Antonio TX

It is very broken down and dangerous

I live in San Antonio all my life. Not really ghetto,downtown is one of the safest cities to walk. Crime just like other cities, hardly any gang problems. cops everywhere

30 Loveland OH

Don't let the name fool you, located in inner city cincinnati

31 Buffalo NY
32 Nashville, TN

North Nashville

Moved to Nashville 6 months back in June 2017

Nursing home maintenance girls getting jobs in Nursing homes after acquiring GED's

Begin as CNA or as Nashville calls CNT

Have no business in this field

Attitudes poor inappropriate non professional communication poor disposition

Nolensville and Old Hickory

33 Yonkers, NY

Ghetto as hell

34 Santa Ana, CA
35 Boston MA
36 East Los Angeles CA V 1 Comment
37 Virginia Beach, VA
38 Stockton CA
39 Erie, PA

I live here and there are tons of shootings here. Just go into the northern east side and you will think this should be too 10

40 Minneapolis, MN

ghetto ash

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