Top 10 Most Ghetto Names

The Top Ten Most Ghetto Names

1 Bon Qui Qui

... I'm just in school goign through the lists... And I'm just like... Df?

My hamster that killed her sister was named that... Awkward

I'm in school looking at these names and I'm like the hell. That's how you now people are black someone finna get smacked if y'all talking bout these names. This isn't ghetto at all Jk being sarcastic

Someone in my school was making up names and that was one of them.

2 Sha Nay Nay

where shane dawson got his ghetto name....

I'm thinkin' bout Martin

I think it is really getto name.

Is this Va jay jay's brother?

3 Afryka

What now I know these are some made up names now. Never in a million years have I seen an exotic name like that!

This is the best name ever

That name is hella exotic

Makes you sound like a freaka.

4 Antwan

Mostly black skinny boys with small foreheads are named this

My brothers name

5 Coreydaviniqua

Oh yea, she's my classmate.

Blackest name I've ever heard...

Best black name ever # ghetto

6 LaQuisha

Love this name

Can I get a hoyah?


Weird asf

7 Donamiyeshah

Damn that's black

good name

8 Bon'Quisha

When that child grow up she is going to beat her mom ass

This is just like Bon Qui Qui

Whoever has this name will end up riding a pole.

I just told my lil sister and everyone to call me this and I was playing when I said ima name my baby this and I thought I came up with this name cause it just came up in my head lol

9 Isheaka

so ghetto

10 Bee Bee

Here comes Bee Bee coming to buzz buzz on your man. Hide your kids, she's coming to sting yo' ass up. BIATCHES - McQuenched

Hey that's my best friend

And Cee-Cee, Gee-Gee, Kee-Kee, Nai-nai

Bee bee is so ratchet

The Contenders

11 Courtney

HOW IS THIS A GHETTO NAME?!? Is still is though all my friends that are super ghetto are named Courtney. Is really funny.

That is not a ghetto name.

Most ghetto name ever. I would no is my name. They only way it could be more ghetto is if it was spelt Courtnay. Shank you very much

How is this a ghetto name, maybe the person named Courtney could be ghetto, but the name itself is not ghetto...

12 La'dangyouugly

that's my grandmas name

What the heck is this list

I love dis name yum

I relate

13 Shaniqua

This is the greatest basic ghetto name ever to be honest

You don't just go to the hood without meeting a shaniqua

This is an incredibly stupid name. As ghetto as it gets. Please don't name your kid this.

I love it that is going to be my daughters name when I give birth to her

14 Falondriannaiqua

Doctors need to let the drugs wear off before the patient gives the child a name

Bloody hell what sort of name is that?

lol what kind of name is that - foxrocks

... the woman was obviously unconscious and the the dad was the only one barely awake after watching his child come to the world. The doctor could barely hear the man, obviously. Now you have the consequences: the child will hate them forever.

15 Niggateesha

This is very ghetto and racist who made this up?

A name so ghetto, only black people are allowed to say this name.

This is hilarious but not appropriate but hilarious. Whoever made this is hilarious.

Amazing name every black person needs to name there daughter this

16 LeShawna
17 Barackeisha

I'm black and my name is jeremy I can't complain meow

That Is The Most Crazies Name Ever But Cool LIke I don't know What Though

I am gonna use that on my Facebook

It's his reel name

18 Twerkeisha

Teekeisha is gon be my new name because there are too many katelyns at my school

Job Interview Time
Boss: Alright, you're hired. What's your name again?
Applicant: Twerkeisha.
You can't tell me that this isn't priceless. - bishop.moore07

Ghetto all the way ;-)

It's just simply beautiful, it's so beautiful that I'm actually crying real tears from laughing too hard.

19 Obamaneisha

I guess someone wanted to name their child after President Obama

That is so ghetto and made up 100%

Funny laugh out loud

I named my child this and I just love this name, my child instantly turned ghetto straight outta the womb

20 Moetrisha

Did someone mow their lawn before giving birth? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Moe and trishtan were arguing about the name you know the rest

21 Asiah

I think it's a pretty name. No ghetto about it.

It's pronounced A-sigh-uh

That's my cousin name

That's a pretty name

22 Shatashanaquashanakaysha

Is that even legal to name your kid this?

Sounds like a Red Hot Chili Pepper album...

How would you pronounce this?... English please!

Best name ever I changing my name

23 Qa Qa Nero

Is that after Qa Qa Quan and zero?!

How do you even pronounce it? - SamuiNeko

Greatest name of all time

Hey, that is my dad's name!

24 Tra'Shyla

So your literally calling your child trash!

Well that one family named their son: Som Ting Wong

The word trash is in this. Doesn't get more ghetto than that.

So ghetto- the apostrophe says it all

25 Brishauwna

My friend is named that!

Who ever name her child that needs therapy. PRONTO

How did they come up with that?!?!

What a weirdest ghetto name haha - CedreticFomento

26 La-ah

You would think it would be pronounced La Ah, but no! La-ah, Ladashah. Someone was drunk.

Who in there right mind would name there child this? This is a really ghetto name.

The dash ain't silent

found this written on the back of a stall -

27 Deoshenique

Can't even pronounce that name either

I can't even PRONOUNCE that

Sounds like the name for a deodorant company! - NicholasYellow

Deoshenique is an inspiring name and I will name my daughter this when I have one unless this is a name for the males

28 Quantanisha

LOOOVE THIS my twin newborn daughter aka #2 just got this name on her birth certificate

29 Livia

My friend's name is livia. She's white

My name is livia whats wrong with honey boo - Livia_LovesNon

Not ghetto at all very nice name

Livia is female warrior name, werry sound. In the serial Xena, Livia is daughter to Ares and Xena, Livia is girl, great power, werry speed and good to kicks and job the zord.

30 Slapahoe'quisha

Slap a hoe, basically a

It's my mums name leave it out

That is hilarious yet inappropriate at the Same time

My mom that name

31 Sharmane

Sounds like an exotic drink

It's not ghetto unlike most of these other names that are nicknames or made up this is my moms name and it's French

My wigs name is Sharmane

Black as hell

32 Walka

Sounds like someone from Boston was trying to name his baby walker

These names are ratchet

The ghetto way of saying walker

Walka walka walka!

33 Gordoniqua

When you were planning for a son but you get a daughter

Gordon ramsay in the hood

My husband is named that...

My name is james but its pronounced Gordoniqua

34 Sharkeisha

Why would you name your child after a shark? Well she was pretty dangerous.

My friend ghetto Thursday name is that

Imma go sharkeisha on your ass

May she Rest In Peace.

35 Craig

This is not ghetto that is my moms last name

That is some classic ghetto

Craig is the most ghetto name. Daniel Craig is my boi.

Make his middle name "list"

36 Barbara

I really don't know how this is really ghetto, my Bible study teacher is named that, please someone tell me how this is a ghetto name?! And if it is ghetto I mean really why would people consider it ghetto?

My mom is called barbara

Laugh out loud 'Barbie' is short for Barbara. Since when was Barbie (original) black? Laugh out loud

Barbara is not a ghetto name!

37 Rayrayseanjaylakendra

This one is just great. but wheres "the second"

This is like 4 names just mashed together like...?

Who the hell comes up with these?

I love this name

38 La Fawnduh

I caught you a delicious bass.

Someone name their child after having sex with a baby deer? - JimmyFarrow

I mean, we chat online for, like, two hours every day so I guess you could say things are gettin' pretty serious.


39 Kunta-kinte

I know a guy named that, changed his name to toby though, dunno why

Hi! My name is. What? My name is, Who? My name is, KUNTA KINTE

Search up Kunta-Kinte and relize what you have just posted you foolish horse.

Wateever I wont name my daughter after this but I will name my son this

40 Key Low-low

Honey that sounds like a low battery

And Bon Qui Qui's sister

That's from Martin (Shan nae nae's friend)

Cute but ghetto hey that what her mother named her

41 De'Jesus

Jesus is my friend, jesus til the end

Greatest name in the world

Would you name your kid DE"JESUS

Yo my mans name be de'jesus

42 Darshaun

My names dashawna




43 Shaquaniuacherice

Shows her ignorance. Would you take your baby to a doctor with her first name?

no way

What the?

How the f##k do you say this name? - MusicalPony

44 India

Messed up man swear down

India isn't a ghetto name

no its not

This is cool

45 Julishawannadezroseanini

I dought anyone is even named this.

How do you even say this name?

Yay this sooths me

I'm dying

46 D'Brickashaw

When you want to be classy, but you hood.

Lol the football guy



47 Equasia

Ghetto has it's moments but it had this one for weeks

Ghettoese for "Equation" name is Equaecia and I feel some type of way... - Ogme

Bruh! Who did this?

48 Oo-oo Newnew

That is ghetto as I don, t know what

Wow. Someone took drugs before naming their child..

My friends brothers name is this

Mew mew power

49 Nancy

Funny how my name is ghetto ; even though its mainly a hispanic name

It's pronounced Nan-say

My best friend's mom is named Nancy...she's white lol

No ghetto and what does ghetto means?

50 Rachel

This is not ghetto. This is my aunts name

My friend is named rachel and she's not ghetto at all

Sounds like a liberal's name. - lannypetersong

That's my middle name... How is this ghetto?

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