That isn't a ghetto name I have a friend named Courtney and she's not ghetto at all

HOW IS THIS NAME GHETTO? I've known a ton of people named this and their white and rich. Like I never thought this would be ghetto

This is NOT a ghetto name! But all a few of my friends are ghetto and they are named Courtney. But still this is not really a ghetto name.

Not ghetto... It's a long standing name... Many successful people men and women... How many successful Sha Nay Nays can you name

That is not ghetto I have a friend named that

Just think how scared you would be if some black girl pulled up on you with a gun and said her name is courtney

Courtney is not a ghetto name that's my cousins name and she's not ghetto

My name is courtney and somebody told me that even though I am white on the outside I am black/ ghetto on the inside

Well this IS my name and I do like thinking I'm a bit more ghetto knowing that my name is on the top 10 ghetto names list. You can call me Nay Nay...

This name is not ghetto I am named Courtney and I am not ghetto. I do not understand how this name is ghetto like?

Dis beech will take you to court.

You people don't get it you have to watch the top 60 ghetto names on YouTube to get it.

Courtney is actually a ghetto name because of Courtney Love who was a hooker

I've met 6 Courtney's over my life, and all have been white suburban WASP types.

This name is super rachet and the people with this name behave so as well

That's racist sha nay nays can be just successful as you white as

My name is Courtney and somebody told me that even though I am white on the outside I am black/ ghetto on the outside

This is not ghetto at all my dead sisters name is courtney

Courtney ain't even that rachet/ghetto it is 4 white girls

This is not a ghetto name. What are your problems? You are now just making up random names, but now you have gone too far with Courtney. Y'all dumbass better learn what a ghetto name is, and a normal name. DAMN.


This is SO not ghetto. I'd put in another category...

Yo this is a typical white persons name like hm

Its not even ghetto! Hello? Who made this list?

This is not a ghetto name. This is a good name.

This is a nice name its no were near ghetto