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281 Quanasia

It's pronounced Qua-Nay-shah - Dannybcute

282 Harlem
283 Sylvyu

so cool - proudblack

284 Lasharitiavuana
285 La-ah

Who in there right mind would name there child this? This is a really ghetto name.

You would think it would be pronounced La Ah, but no! La-ah, Ladashah. Someone was drunk.

found this written on the back of a stall -

This. This is the reason why I go to page 7 for names.

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286 La'Quondra
287 Damecia
288 Quantanisha

LOOOVE THIS my twin newborn daughter aka #2 just got this name on her birth certificate

289 Darwyn
290 Jolleen
291 Caranisea
292 Sponjetta
293 Bob V 1 Comment
294 Nadalye
295 Abcde

Hopefully spelling won't be a problem.

Pronounced Uh-Bee-Sid-Dee it makes perfect sense.

This is a fat dumb babies name

That's so damn stupid!

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296 Jamitha
297 Rogertha

You must really hate your child

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298 DeTermined

What a positive way to name your child

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299 Kelby

More white trash than ghetto!

300 Chantelicious
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