Top 10 Most Ghetto Names


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281 Damecia
282 Quantanisha

LOOOVE THIS my twin newborn daughter aka #2 just got this name on her birth certificate

283 Darwyn
284 Jolleen
285 Caranisea
286 Sponjetta
287 Bob V 1 Comment
288 Nadalye
289 Abcde

Hopefully spelling won't be a problem.

Pronounced Uh-Bee-Sid-Dee it makes perfect sense.

This is a fat dumb babies name

That's so damn stupid!

V 1 Comment
290 Jamitha
291 Rogertha

You must really hate your child

V 1 Comment
292 DeTermined

What a positive way to name your child

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293 Kelby

More white trash than ghetto!

294 Chantelicious
295 Chris

Chris is not a ghetto name it's sad that people would think this name is ghetto.

Totally Ghetto! I know this dude named Christophe, people call him Chris for short yet he is known by 'Mittens'. Total badass with hair on his chest and back with a bald shiny head.. Vin Diesel style! Girl-magnet, back cruncher and make-a-little-kid-cry Xbox gamer.

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296 Mary
297 Mae
298 Ashlee
299 Josh V 1 Comment
300 Mojo

Mojo jojo

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