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21 Shatashanaquashanakaysha

Is that even legal to name your kid this?

Sounds like a Red Hot Chili Pepper album...

How would you pronounce this?... English please!


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22 Tra'Shyla

So your literally calling your child trash!

The word trash is in this. Doesn't get more ghetto than that.

Well that one family named their son: Som Ting Wong

Thank go that's not my name

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23 Walka

Sounds like someone from Boston was trying to name his baby walker

These names are ratchet

The ghetto way of saying walker

very black

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24 Qishiannna V 1 Comment
25 Wykiki

Sounds like a Hawaiian name

That guy is my friend

Oh my goodness what kind of fruit did you copy

Waikiki is a neighborhood in Hawaii and it's like they spelled it wrong lolz boi 👏👋

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26 Stantasia V 1 Comment
27 Kaynayquesah

I feel bad for who ever name is this

My best friend has that name

28 Sharkeisha

Why would you name your child after a shark? Well she was pretty dangerous.

My friend ghetto Thursday name is that

Imma go sharkeisha on your ass

We need more sharkeishas in the world

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29 Slapahoe'quisha

Slap a hoe, basically a

It's my mums name leave it out

That is hilarious yet inappropriate at the Same time


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30 Barbara

I really don't know how this is really ghetto, my Bible study teacher is named that, please someone tell me how this is a ghetto name?! And if it is ghetto I mean really why would people consider it ghetto?

My mom is called barbara

Laugh out loud 'Barbie' is short for Barbara. Since when was Barbie (original) black? Laugh out loud


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31 Craig

This is not ghetto that is my moms last name

That is some classic ghetto

Make his middle name "list"


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32 Key Low-low

Honey that sounds like a low battery

That's from Martin (Shan nae nae's friend)

Cute but ghetto hey that what her mother named her

And Bon Qui Qui's sister

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33 La Fawnduh

I caught you a delicious bass.

I mean, we chat online for, like, two hours every day so I guess you could say things are gettin' pretty serious.

Someone name their child after having sex with a baby deer? - JimmyFarrow

Lafawnduh is a very lit name I know someone named like that they're lit and very sassy.

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34 Equasia

Ghetto has it's moments but it had this one for weeks name is Equaecia and I feel some type of way... - Ogme

Ghettoese for "Equation"

Bruh! Who did this?

35 Shaquaniuacherice

Shows her ignorance. Would you take your baby to a doctor with her first name?

no way

What the?

How the f##k do you say this name? - MusicalPony

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36 Kunta-kinte

I know a guy named that, changed his name to toby though, dunno why

Hi! My name is. What? My name is, Who? My name is, KUNTA KINTE

Search up Kunta-Kinte and relize what you have just posted you foolish horse.

Do you even know who he is? Search him up and relize what you just said, hunny.

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37 Rayrayseanjaylakendra

This one is just great. but wheres "the second"

This is like 4 names just mashed together like...?

I love this name


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38 India

Messed up man swear down

India isn't a ghetto name

This is cool

Not ghetto

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39 Darshaun



40 Nancy

Funny how my name is ghetto ; even though its mainly a hispanic name

My best friend's mom is named Nancy...she's white lol

No ghetto and what does ghetto means?

It's pronounced Nan-say

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