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41 Rachel

This is not ghetto. This is my aunts name

My friend is named rachel and she's not ghetto at all

That's my middle name... How is this ghetto?

Rachel and Ra-Chelle are not the same name. Rachel is classic, Ra-Chelle is I don't know what.

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42 Oo-oo Newnew

That is ghetto as I don, t know what

My friends brothers name is this

Wow. Someone took drugs before naming their child..


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43 De'Jesus

Greatest name in the world

That is my mothers name

This is my name

This is a Basic hispanic name...

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44 D'Brickashaw

When you want to be classy, but you hood.

Lol the football guy



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45 Gabbrisha

When you aren't sure if the Father is black or white

Just dumb.

46 Julishawannadezroseanini

I dought anyone is even named this.

How do you even say this name?

Yay this sooths me

I'm dying

47 Latoya

Not a ghetto name, it's a popular drink water name in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. - malamJONES

More black names. Not surprised.

Not gonna lie it's definitely unique

Not Ghetto

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48 Hitlereequa

Common in German ghettos

This is what happens when parents don't think.



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49 Tanya

It is a russian name. not ghetto, just foreign

I know one

so ghetto

50 Chantika
51 Moquanisha

Yeah that's ghetto

MOST definitely

Laugh out loud 2 weak hahaahaha

52 Starkisha

P-E to the T-T-Y I'm petty yeah yeah I'm petty

Tf you naming neggas after constelattions

P E to the T T Y. Ok yeah yeah I'm petty all the time.

I raped a penny

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53 Tyreke

My cousin name is tyreke

Black as hell

Completly ghetto


54 Shaniquadalone

Sounds like bad seafood.

Leave Shaniqua dalone

55 Gyazane


56 Gabby

This is not ghetto at all. My friends name is Gabriella and for short I call her Gabi. I don't see why it is ghetto.

Ghetto as hell person I know name is gabby gets her ass beat all the time

Not ghetto. Short for Gabrielle!

This my name it ain't ghetto but yk its irritating asf

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57 Airwecka

I think they need to stop sniffing the air wick

Dang, I've been spelling Ericka wrong my entire life..

ha lol

58 Wabashikilababa

This is letters mixed together

I pity the child who has this crappy name.

Made in China

I love this name! So unique!

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59 Kimkieysha

REALLY Made Me Think "kimkaysh" Taha Now That Would've Been Ghetto

Nah The Parents Just Want To Be The NEXT kimkay SHOW lmao... I'm beyond dead kindelnesha, Kylieshana, kholeishana, supposedly Khortney is already ghetto...

60 Shamira

This name originates from hebrew. just because it is not English or "American" does not make it ghetto. it is authentic.

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