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61 Barbeesha

I really think this name is very ghetto because Barbeesha doesn't go together at all. Who ever have this name I will, indeed, pray for you to get your name change. If you do get your name change, you will be in Gods hands forever.

This is so Ghetto

Why Barbeesha?


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62 Caterisha

Have a cat?

63 Ty'Kee$$haa

How do you pronounce that?

What the heck is that there are dollar signs in the name!

These names are fake, they make the names up, duh!

'Allowed' you uncultured swine

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64 Tra'nesha

What are their parents trying to accomplish here?

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65 Chiara

Wow, that's close. I'm called Kiara...

One letter short from Chara.

Only pretty people.

Dayyyum so nice

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66 Dwhyterherney

How do you even say this name? - Pony

I don't know wether to feel bad for the kid, or the teacher who's gotta learn pronounce it. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

I can't even read this


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67 Ja'niya

It is not a ghetto name my cousin is named that

Welcome to a life-time of repeating and then spelling your name to everyone you ever meet...

Ha-ha she my friend

That's my name

68 Shanequa

This is my moms name!

69 J'Nay

I love this name

That's my names but its spelled J'Nae

Not getto very cute

love ittt

70 Octavia

My little pony name

I love this name, it is a very beautiful name

I know a octavia

Haha so black

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71 Jaboodydub

This deserves some notice.

72 Amanda

I have a girl named this and she acts rachet

Amanda sucks

I love this name

That's my step moms name and she is white RUDE hate who called this ghetto

73 Kaylee

How is this ghetto?

That's my name

Kay Lee uk the Asian ghetto name


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74 Bridget

Who agrees on my name

Not a Ghetto name

This is Not a ghetto name

Dang ghettoest at it's finest.

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75 Ummagumma

I love this name because I love gum

That comment need a grammar check!

This is a memorial for Uma Kompton May you rest in pieces

76 Bonquishia

My first child shall be named this


Laugh out loud ok swag

77 Emilausiquantay

This sounds like the final boss of a Mario game.

Realyyy a better name would be pee pee

Oh my gosh...

78 Unicornlandia

Oh my god that is so funny

Someone said I was crazy, I almost fell off my unicorn

The only name startin with


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79 Cloyd

I am pitch black. And live in the dead center of Chicago. But my name is Steve. So I don't know what this black name website is all about

Sounds like "Clyde and Floyd out together."

This is all stupid

Lloyd plus Clyde...equals cloud

80 Shantez

Lol looks more like a ratchet Hispanic name.

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