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81 Tamar

Tamar is a hebrew name. I was born and raised in israel and it is a pretty common name.

Tamar is a beautiful name and Tamar is also a singer hello
Tamar Braxton

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82 Obamaniqua

Lmo I love this one

83 Afryka

What now I know these are some made up names now. Never in a million years have I seen an exotic name like that!

Makes you sound like a freaka.

84 Kaylee

How is this ghetto?

That's my name

Kay Lee uk the Asian ghetto name


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85 Bridget

Who agrees on my name

Not a Ghetto name

This is Not a ghetto name

Dang ghettoest at it's finest.

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86 Tranique

She was born male

87 Topramenique

Laugh out loud mama must've been craving top ramen when she was. Giving birth to her child.

It sounds like the medicine topramax... Maybe they were addicted to it when they "thought" of the name

What the Christ is this? That's not a name

It really does sound like a generic antipsychotic.

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88 Kellie

Laugh out loud Kellie is kelp

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89 Shakaydikaynay V 1 Comment
90 Nashagurl

Doesn't get more ghetto than this

91 Strawberanecia

Was the mom thinking about strawberry when she thought of the name

What if the daughter was allergic to strawberries? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

When I'm older I want to work in a strawberry farm with my friends uncle.

Uncle: Your perfect for it! Whats your name, again?
Me: Strawberanecia
Uncle:... You on cocaine?

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92 Isheaka
93 Kee-kee

Now that's a ghetto name I mean like almost every ghetto person has that name.

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94 Dejanique V 1 Comment
95 Dorguishia V 2 Comments
96 Keneisha
97 Pielicious

Is the pie delicious?

Pie in spanish means foot

Pielicious, cakeawful. Twins.

Changed my life
10/10 would pie again

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98 Leslie



99 Laquanda

Classmate way back in middle school

I have a friend with this name we met in 8th grade at irmo middle school

100 Louis

If the spelling was different it would probably be ghetto

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