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101 Laquanda

Classmate way back in middle school

I have a friend with this name we met in 8th grade at irmo middle school

102 Louis

If the spelling was different it would probably be ghetto

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103 Shaqueera

Mix between queer and shaniqua

104 La'nique

Sounds like Clinique, the make up brand.

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105 George

So... I guess I have like 10 really ghetto friends?

George Washington was definitely ghetto right?

106 Shuna

I posted this name because this is my friends nick name her real shauna I can't believe I'm posting this so please rate if this is a great ghetto name. And post if you think this is the ghettoest or not the ghettoes because I think thisname is ghetto as hell

107 Joseph

I know a guy named joe... says he's white but he looks mixed to me...

108 Ladayvontaquanbrown


109 Lafontequanishalaqui V 3 Comments
110 La' Shandala

This is what I started to call a complete stranger, and we are friends now. So, yeah...

111 Colgenatia

That's ghetto after toothpaste sad.

112 Weedy

It sounds like some parent that likes drugs

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113 Zoe

Great name! Not ghetto!

114 Antwan

My brothers name

115 Keylowlo

My best friend's name... he's from Iceland.

116 Taquila
117 Noble
118 Lakisha

That's my nieces name and I'm Mexican!

119 Rozanne
120 Coreydaviniqua

Oh yea, she's my classmate.

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