Top 10 Most Ghetto Names


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121 La'Shanique
122 Jarquaviante V 2 Comments
123 Liquishra V 2 Comments
124 La' Quifer V 2 Comments
125 Macon V 2 Comments
126 Spencer

Most ghetto name ever and usually people named spencer are super ugly

V 1 Comment
127 Duh'Shunna'Ree V 1 Comment
128 Homarion

Whoever made this need to learn how to spell hermine... I don't think I spelled it right lol

V 1 Comment
129 Shawanda V 2 Comments
130 Jerome V 1 Comment
131 Booyaksha V 1 Comment
132 Max

Um this is a very typical dog name.

Here boy

133 Quantashia
134 Shantanae

Lean to spell.

V 1 Comment
135 B'nayja V 1 Comment
136 Wawafufu

The best name. Ever. Hands down.

In Philadelphia, Wawa is a gas station and hoagie shop. Fufu is a rabbit name. Enough said.

137 Kim

Ghetto name and Kim pops up.if lil' was put in front kim then I can see the ghetto part but just can't see it though...

138 Veronicamima

Just choose one name. Why name your child 2? - BlueTopazIceVanilla

Just name we Veronica what?

V 1 Comment
139 Michelique Brown (Mich.E.Leak ) V 2 Comments
140 La-a V 2 Comments
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