Top 10 Most Ghetto Names


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141 Dennis V 3 Comments
142 Googlishiqua

Your parents should have used google to name you instead of putting it in your damn name

143 Rasberisha V 2 Comments
144 Billy Bob

Guessing this is hill billy ghetto

True gangsta ghetto.
East side.



145 Peggy Sue

What kind of hill billy did they rip this off of

That's a pig name - lavernehart

146 Kazmikanoquisha
147 Fiddler

That's my name! It's the best!

This is not really ghetto in the movie roots a white man gave his slave that name


148 Kanye

The " best rapper alive" must be really ghetto

V 4 Comments
149 Mineshwa

Very good ghetto name

150 Rolanda V 1 Comment
151 Carlos

Carlos is ghetto trust me

Yo I have a friend/cousin named Carlos and he is ghetto asf and he is a fvcking player

152 Robert V 1 Comment
153 Deandre V 1 Comment
154 Big Mike
155 Felicia

I love this name

156 Devonquishia

I call one of my ratchet friends this

This be legit ness

She is like so ghetto

157 Jaylen V 3 Comments
158 Jorquiesha V 1 Comment
159 Nathan

That's my name... And I'm white

This is the most ghetto trashiest name I've ever heard

My bfs name is Nathan and he's Hispanic. That name is not ghetto or trashy like these other names.

160 Teshleneyka
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