Top 10 Most Ghetto Names


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161 Trenicia
162 Amerika

Rock in Amerika

163 Tri'nya

It's pretty and I can so see a ghetto girl going around with this name

164 Jaquil

This is the ghetto night quill

Don't even sound right. laugh out loud

165 LaFarida
166 LiQuori

I like that name its cute

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167 Pachena V 1 Comment
168 Stashyiana
169 Stephanie

People who have this name are failures

You call her stephanie I call her headfanny

170 Toniesha

This is a mix of tony and kesha fyi (fyi means for your information) FYI JUST SAYING

171 Issacica
172 Linda

That's my best friend name so not ghetto

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173 Tashiba

Looks like the ghetto have their own technology brand. - JimmyFarrow

174 Angel
175 Booker

A boy in my class last name is booker

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176 Tyroil V 1 Comment
177 Lawand

This name be ghetto as hell

Simple and to the point!

178 Mafflesiqua V 1 Comment
179 Cor'nay'nay
180 Sharkisha

I don't know why this isn't up there yet...

Really this is the most ghetto name EVER my friend Niyah wants everybody to call he that nobody does though

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