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EXO is a South Korean boy band under SM Entertainment. It consists of EXO-K and EXO-M. Let's vote who's the best! For me, it's Suho in Exo-K and Luhan in Exo-M.

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1 Luhan (EXO-M) Luhan (EXO-M) Lu Han is a Chinese singer and actor. He was a member, known as Luhan, of the South Korean-Chinese boy group EXO and its sub-group EXO-M, before leaving the group in October 2014.

Luhan is like, the most perfect (or close to perfect) being on Earth. I sometimes even wonder if he's an Angel or something. Seriously! He's good-looking, HOT, INSANELY CUTE, adorable, SEXY (i know, I know, but at times when he flashes that midriff), dance and sing well, and finally is so nice and caring to all his members

Luhan to me is adorable. He has very cute and handsome facial features. What I also like about him is that he has a kind personality. He is always caring, selfless, and humble which are terrific characteristics to me. I think he is the definition of perfection. - marrymeluhan

Luhan is a god, or an angel that's descended from heaven to enlighten us all with his beauty. Somehow he is sexy, adorable and prettier than every other human I've ever seen all at the same time. There is genuinely NOTHING wrong with his face, he has perfect proportions and his gaze is killer. He's the ultimate flower boy, and also looks like he's come straight out of a shoujo manga. Everything about him is absolutely breath taking and he will forever be my ultimate bias although he has left EXO.


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2 Sehun (EXO-K) Sehun (EXO-K) Oh Se-hun, better known mononymously as Sehun, is a South Korean dancer, rapper, singer, model and actor. He is a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo and its sub-group Exo-K.

I honestly think that Sehun is better looking than most because he has this thing about him. I don't really know how to explain it but his face features are perfect so it's no wonder how they work out for him (unlike Kai who's face features look like they wouldn't work out for him but they increase his sexiness somehow) & he usually looks manly but he can be cute if he wants to (unlike Luhan who is usually cute but on some occasions sexy) & he isn't scary looking like Kris. I'm not saing he should be first on the list though. But I think Sehun is especially sexy with his forehead showing, as opposed to those bowl cuts that they always make him wear -. -

Oppa sehun is so Handsome and hot. And I love the way he dance he's so cool. When I saw him, I really fell for him :) I really wish I could see him in person :3 But I knew it would never happen So, that's it, oppa Sehun is the Most handsome member of EXO for me. I love You Sehun

I really love sehun so much he is so very handsome when I firts saw him I fell for him. And he is very great dancer and he have a lot of charm I like sehun so much but not only sehun I like baekhyun too because he is very close to tayeon I like taecyeon because there so cute together. And sehun and taeyeon too. Love you guys so much I really really love EXO and there partner is SNSD that was so cool <3

Sehun oppa is really optimistic and he is good at dancing. He often looks cool but he also cute when he play with EXO's members or joining some activities that is funny. On the other side, he is also very nice to the fans that admire him, he will talk to us with the most friendly way with the same language if he know. For example, I have met him and he spoke Cantonese with me. I was so happy about that. We spoke a lot and I try to spoke korean with him. Although I am not good at saying korean, he also pay attention to my speech. I am glad to be EXO-L, espeacially "SEHUN".

For supporting our OPPAs, if you have an IG account, please follow the following accounts:
1. sehun ( @oohsehun )
2. chanyeol ( @real__pcy )
3. baekhyun ( @ baekhyun_exo )
4. kai ( @zkdlin )

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3 Chanyeol (EXO-K)

Bright, Cheerful and Positive. Always smiling. Kind, has good manners and polite. Mood maker. Perfect cute face with shining eyes. And his voice is just Perfection, so deep and charming~

Chanyeol is the perfect one! He's cute handsome sometimes he can be cool or really funny sweet smile nice teeth bright personality and he really coes care with us fans and his voice ugh why so sexy and moreover he's amazingly tall and he's dorky also (its a good point ryte? )

, he"""""s so handsome!

Yo, have you seen those eyes and that adorable face? You can't say that he is the most handsome I'm the group. (ȌѠȌ)

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4 Kris (EXO-M) Kris (EXO-M) Wu Kris Yifan, professionally known as Kris Wu or Kris, is a Chinese actor, singer, and model. He is a former member of South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO and its subgroup EXO-M under S.M. Entertainment.

Really good looking and cool guy, probably the most handsome guy I've ever seen. Has a really manly voice and most importantly, he's tall. He's able to speak more than two languages, such as English, Chinese, Korean, Cantonese and a bit of Japanese, which is a really incredible thing to do. Though he's not the oldest in the group, he takes care of his members well and is the leader of EXO-M. He is just too awesome.

Maybe everyone has their own taste, someone likes cute faces most, or others like cool faces most. But if we objectively look at the features of the face, such as nose, eyes, lips and so on, nobody can really say that Kris is not good looking. Because he has the standard and the ideal face of being handsome. Maybe accompany with growing ages people have varied ideal types. But still, nobody can deny that he is good looking.

Really good looking. He should have been in exo k and he would have been even more famous

Just only my perspective, Kris is the most handsome guy in exo in Growl era. He is so cool and handsome. Also he has a good fashion scenes. His body is very suitable with all the clothing with various style. He is the most attractive guy I have ever seen.

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5 Kai (EXO-K)

I fell for Kai as soon as I first watched EXO's music videos. His handsomeness is very different from others. That's not the cute face like LuHan, Sehun or D.O, not as tall as Kris, not diplomatic like Chanyeol,...He is Kim Jong-in in backstage life-shy, adorable and funny. But when he's on stage, he is KAI-sexy and skilled dance. What he gains today is from his diligence, determination and love for dance. I really love him, very much

To me, he's more being hot or charming while he dances instead of being handsome. His manly expressions on stage really kill me! His eyes are pretty and attractive as well~ - iloveso2baby

I can't describe how beautiful and sexy Kai is! Kai is maybe the closest creation of perfection! And his vocal, charismatic, powerful voice is so underrated. He deserves MORE! KAI FIGHTING! - KpopAllOverTheWorld

I started to notice kai mainly because he looked like Lee taemin of shinee..but as time goes by,I started getting attracted to him,not because he looked like taemin, but because he is kai. I love his vibe on stage and he is a really good dancer..he is usually sexy when he dances and that's his charm..for me,he is the best member in exo,coupled with his good looks

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6 Baekhyun (EXO-K)

Baekhyun is so attractive! Not only his looks. I find his voice and personality very attractive too! He can pull off both the bad boy and good boy look at the same time! When he has on eyeliner, he gives off a bad boy feel. When he doesn't have on eyeliner he gives off a good boy feel. :) saranghae baekhyun ah

Baekhyun oppa is just amazing! I feel like he should deserve the best girlfriend in the world! Which would be me... He can be cocky at times, but he is so cute when he does it, but it's funny, most of the time he's joking. I feel like... We are soulmates... I know a girl who is literally perfect for him though.. Not me this time, but this girl name N*****e? She goes to my school, exactly what Baekhyun looks for. LOVE YOU BAEKHYUN!

Baekhyun is so cute! He has the perfect face but also his personality makes him very unique and not to mention his angel like voice, and his goofy actions.

I think that Baekhyun is the most handsome one, he always looks cute and I thought that he's way too younger than his actual age also his voice is so beautiful and soft and I love his high note in 'beautiful' ^^

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7 D.O. (EXO-K)

D. O, who is EXO's fake maknae may not be as handsome or as tall as other members, but he is really cute and adorable. He may be small in size but it is his unexpectedly powerful voice that blown many fans off their feet! He loves doing his derpy o-0 expression and he is one funny member. His dancing skills may not be good as Kai, but when he starts to sing and dance, he emits an aura that attracts fans to turn their attentuon to him.

Do make my heart always flutter when I see him

Personally, every exo member has their own charm.But I'll pick D.O! I think he's really good looking n He has one of the nicest voice! When he sang Open arms, I almost cried because his voice is so beautiful! Saranghae D.O! ^^ exotic from Singapore

He is the sexiest member of EXO and his vocals are no joke

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8 Suho (EXO-K) Suho (EXO-K) Kim Jun-myeon was born on May 22, 1991. Known professionally as Suho, he is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member and the leader of the South Korean boy group EXO and its sub-unit group called EXO-K.

His face looks so soft. I really wish I could touch him (and his baby looking face). He's so cute.

He's Angel, of course him :D

Definitely Kim Joon Myun! :D

He is perfect and so kind

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9 Chen (EXO-M)

Chen Chen he is so cute and have amazing voice too! I love hi smile :D

I really don't get why he isn't first on this list. HAVE YOU SEEN HIS FACE. 10/10 would date him

Chen's voice is perfection... His innocent way and amazing smile made him the best, in my opinion ^^

Chen should 100% be on number 1...soz Luhan... 😂

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10 Xiu Min (EXO-M)

Xiumin is perfect! I love his attitude, his face, his everything. I love him so much! :))))

He's just an angel!

No one could ever imagine that he's the oldest member of EXO. At first, I really thought he's on the maknae lines. He got such a charming and baby faced there. BAOZI IS TOO CUTE TO BE THE OLDEST.

I couldn't love Xiumin more...there's no more empty space in my heart

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The Contenders

11 Lay (EXO-M) Lay (EXO-M) Zhang Yixing, better known as Lay, is a Chinese singer-songwriter, record producer, author, dancer, and actor.

Lay is definitely the hidden Jewel in the group. Besides having the most amazing body ever (you could totally see it through his sleeveless outfits), he has an ADORABLE smile (HOW COULD ANYONE DENY DIMPLES?! ), His amazing dancing which is unfortunately overshadowed by Kai (Poor Yixing, lots of people acknowledge Kai more and refuse to even notice him...).

Moreover, Lay is definitely one of the most polite and humble member in the group. Have you seen the way he always apologizes after his actions on variety shows eventhough they're positive. Plus, there was once the members were arguing about being the number one guy which turns the most heads. Lay initially sat at the last pole because he didn't want to fight for it. And he even mentioned that girls usually run past him to catch their own biases but that didn't bother him. He still bow down to fangirls who sent him off at the airport, countless of times even after he entered the departure hall.


Best face, Best dressed, Best dancer, Best muscle, Best body, Best.. Best.


I don't get why he is so under-rated. Maybe I'm biased because I'm Chinese too, but he literally has everything- the visuals(OML HIS DIMPLES though), the acting skills, the dance skills. Heck, his voice is naturally so clear and smooth(listen to EXO heart attack)and he even writes his own songs and composes music. He works far harder than most K-pop stars, having to manage a solo career and stay in touch with EXO members, and he tries his best at everything. Give this guy some votes, man!

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12 Tao (EXO-M)

Tao become more handsome in this Wolf Era.

He has a weird charm and CUTE personalities!

He's is so hot!

He's definitely the most handsome! Why is he 12?

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13 Vivi

I decided to vote for sehun but than I saw vivi's name and I was like 'man, vivi is the best thing on the world ' I think my love for Sehun makes me think like him. Lol.

The cutest thing ever

Cutest dog ever!

So handsome Vivi oppa

(I was going to choose Tao but then I saw this and I knew who's real most handsome)

14 Jino (EXO-K)
15 Kim Junhee

She's still a member if EXO even if she's a girl. Kim Junhee is cute and sexy, the best dancer!

Junhee is not a cute or pretty she is ugly...

Who is that?

I am pretty inspired by kim
at least he is close to the exo

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16 Mongryong (EXO-K)

Baekhyun ditched him but he still have the beat visual out there

17 Mirja Jr. (EXO-K)


18 Cheyenne (EXO-K)

Sehuns girlfriend.

19 Eleanor (EXO-K)

Suho’s girlfriend

20 Ace (EXO-M)

Very attractive, blessed with good looks and charisma. Should be higher ranked.

With the tousled and swift hair and sparkling eyes, this pliant blooming rose has the beauty of a thousand suns to a sunless place. sweet prince, may angles sing songs to you as you fall into slumber. 10/10 would vote again

He doesn't even have plastic surgery... All natural

He is so beautiful like how? He didn't even have plastic surgery!

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21 Xing Zhaolin (EXO-M)

Oh guys apparently this is the guy who was rumoured to be replacing Kris but that never happened so ignore him.

Who is this guy?

I love your face and

Who is himm

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22 Candy (EXO-M)

I love candy.. She is very very lucky dog.. She is having 10 dads

That dog dude loving and cute

Very cute and small

Hot dog buns

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