Kai (EXO-K)


Kai has a unique kind of attractiveness to him. Sure, he's not the most handsome member, but there's something about his aura that makes him STAND OUT.

If you look carefully at each of Kai's facial features individual, none of them are considered the "ideal". But when you put them together, somehow it all works out so BEAUTIFULLY, like a puzzle. I think that's why so many fans find Kai attractive: he has a unique face and an even more unique personality.

He's a man of contradictions. He is sexy, yet shy. Mature, yet playful. Blunt, yet thoughtful. Gentle most of the time, but can be hyper in the right situation. He's so serious when it comes to his career but he's a downright goofball when he's in "let's tease my members! " mode. He's extremely talented, yet so endearingly humble. He can be seen as somewhat cold to his fans and co-workers but he's SO AFFECTIONATE towards the people that means the most to him in his life (his niece, taemin, sisters, 3 dogs).

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So much charisma and attractiveness flowing from him when he dances and laughs. And I know that this is what he's teased for but to me it's that tanned skin which makes him stand out as being attractive. Then again I'm from a Western country (Australia) and in the West we see tanned skin as being very healthy and attractive. It's the opposite in Korea right?

I fell in love to him asa I first their music video MAMA. I think although his style is sexy, sometimes he is cute. When he is on stage, he is sexy,manly and unique not like chanyeol. When he is on backstage he is funny, cute and handsome. That's reasons why I like skilled dance jong in.

Handsome level is relative for me. It depends on your taste. But I fall for Kai charm at the first time I watch EXO performance. If you watch EXO on stage, you can say that he has the best expressions. And that's too sexy to deny...

I love kai a lot, esp. If you watch all the music video his so hot, wild, sexy, charismatic and can attract a charm in a second, I have so many pictures that I downloaded and I make him as one of my wallpaper, love you kai..

I love you kai I am choosing for you because you are a nice guy and also you are a cute dancing every time you practice first watched of exo music videos. Hot and sexy I like this him much,

To me kai is the sexiest man alive, very talented both can dance and sing and what I can really call a visual, can also be cute sometime, I really like kai when he is on stage because when he is on stage he rally owns the stage because of his remarkable dancing

He's the most distinguish member of exo, he has the best laugh in exo, he's super shy but don't hold back his laughs, he hits his members whenever he's embarassed, he claps when he laughs like a child, he has the best smirk and smile, he's a beast on stage but a shy puppy off stage, he's the most confidence and charismatic on stage, the sexiest talking voice (his voice sounds like when people having a cold)

Although he is the darkest among the member, he has something special on him. He is handsome with his perfect jawline, beautiful eyes smile and a charming smile. He deserves to be the most handsome between other exo memBer.

Kai is a real visual. You can easily notice him between 11 members. He's got a full package. His face is beautiful, his body is perfect, he can dance pretty well.. Kai is Diva!

I saw him in a concert last summer... He actually looks so much more good-looking in person. Features are more prominent, and his physical expressions are just mesmerizing.

I think its but when he put eye liner in his eye he become ugly and when he change his hair into white he become ugly but if you ca see him in exo growl and history and mama his the most handsome because his hair are black and he had no eye liner and I think for kai its not about face its about the talent because his the dancing machine and imagine those othe member they always were good and put make up while kai don't care about it but for me its still kai. Love you kai:)))

He can flap around like a bird and still make it seem awesome, seriously he is so cool and his smile is like the stars are shining! Go Kai!

When I was first introduced to Exo I could not take my eyes of Kai in all the videos his dancing his singing his looks everything is perfect love him so much

He just oozes sex when he's on stage. It's like coming out of his pores or something

To be honest, compared to the rest of the members, Kai's appearance do not stand out that much. What stands out the most from Kai is the fact that he has double personalities and double selves; he'd be Kai the stunning panty-dropping sexy dancer onstage, and he'd be Jongin the shy big cuddly adorable teddy bear offstage. His eye expressions are no joke, though; his passion for dancing and performing makes him stand out so much and it's the reason why Kai is the "key" of EXO. Besides, who wouldn't deny that sexy slender ballerino body? Or them defined godly jawline? Or that well-sculpted face with elegant nose-bridge and plump kissable lips? Kai is charming and daring, whereas Jongin is lovable and caring. Both Kai and Jongin make up one amazingly-passionate young boy, and this is exactly the reason why Kai is everyone's eyecatcher!

Kai is the most good looking of all exo members. He has all the qualities. He can be cute, adorable, sexy and handsome. He is the best.

Kai its just too perfect. He looks very handsome. To this end, I have no words. In his first video, he pulled me into its spell. He has a great vibe and is so incredibly good at dancing. And his character is killing me. On stage he is Kai - the sexy, amazing dancing good looking Kai who all charming with his smile. But backstage he�'s Kim Jongin, this guy is shy, funny, cute and adorable.

His smile kills me every single time like damn

Kai is totally the best! He is charismatic and hot. I don't know why but he always make me hypnotized with just one smile.

He has a natural face! He's so talented. He can dance and sing so well. He is the face of the group!

To me, Kai is a good dancer. He also handsome. I like his eyes because his eyes is pretty. For me.. Kai is more handsome than the other EXO's member.

He's my husband and since their debut, he's the one that captured both of my heart and eyes.

Even kai has a darkness skin than other member, but I think he is most handsome in exo. Then, I like his because he is a greatest dancer and he has a nice abs.

He is very handsome. His whole appearance is warm and attractive. I find him the most lovely member, followed by Kris and Sehun.