Luhan (EXO-M)

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He's really cute sexy hot handsome charming and many more. I never thought that a guy like him would exist. he's almost perfect cause he has an amazing voice, a sexy hot body, an ultra cute and handsome face. I'm so under his love spell. I even have a poster of him beside my bed. so whenever I wake up, the first person I would look at is his handsome face. I really love him. I love you LUHAN!

For me is Luhan. he was so adorable. His innocent face, his sparkling eyes, for me it tells about what personality he has. I like him very much because of his benign face. And I like him also because he was humble, kind, caring, cute, and very talented. That makes him the most handsome in EXO.

For me, Luhan was the one that captured my attention first, since my first exposure to EXO was their second teaser Time Control. My reaction was "Kai, good looking, Luhan... wow! Is this guy real? " And he's really talented, main vocalist, lead dancer, and visual of EXO-M! Also, there's a quite, understated charm about him. He's never loud or boisterous or arrogant, but nonetheless, he stands out and is unforgettable.

Luhan looks like a angel. Like a legit angel sent from the heavens. His delicate, soft features could pierce through anyone's heart, and his enchanting smile could light up a whole room. His face may look like an adorable little angel, but hidden underneath his shirt lies a super ripped body with abs. Aside from his beautiful face and body, he also has a really beautiful personality, which only adds to his charm.

Luhan even though you leave exo, I still love you just the way you are, for me, Luhan is my strength my love my reason to live and makes me want to be great. Someday I'll be able to meet you hope that times comes faster. Forever loving U. Forever supporting U. Till I am myself I will always be you're forever fan! Luhan fighting!

Lu Han just has really nice facial features that are super unique to K-Pop because its all about being sexy and hot, but Luhan is just straight out handsome and (in my opinion) cute!

The first time I saw him, I was amazed. Then I posted his picture in instagram and asked his name. One of my friend said that he is Luhan, former exo member. Then I started researching about him and exo. I checked all exo members, and I noticed that he's the most handsome of them all. He looks perfect for me, I adore him, he' like an angel!

Luhan is so adorable. He's innocent face (He's like an angel! ) I feel like his perfect. He so HANDSOME, CUTE, HOT, JOYFUL, INNOCENT guy I know. Some times when I see he's cute face on a picture... I can't hardly breath it's like I'm going to die any minute if I keep looking at it. He's childish face or baby-looking face I think he can attract any girl in any age. I feel like I can call him or he's the definition of perfection... Luhan! So please stay cute and loving, oh and be respectful too. And please come back to EXO... I continue to love hehehe as a fan

I really love luhan he is even my bias, His cute, handsome, hot, and manly. I find it funny when he always tell his manly because sometimes people say he looks like a girl, he is also a good singer and a good dancer at the same time. He is also kind and humble

He is the one who caught my attention first! :-P He is so friendly to the fans and that's what made me like him :-) I found out he's the laziest, I just laugh because I'm lazy too :-D

Luhan is the best! PERFECT! Of all the members, he caught my attention and made me smile. He is so cute, I wanna marry him. haha!

Luhan is cute and hot. He is perfect and I started to listen to EXO songs because of Luhan. His voice is so cute and he look manly and cute. His new song "our tomorrow" made me cry. His voice is so unique that make me listen to his songs again and again. I lOVE YOU! FIGHTING LUHAN. BEST OF LUCK FOR FUTURE.

Luhan defines perfection. He can look like a guy, a girl or a cute little child. Luhan is talented (he ranks as one of the highest members who's best in dancing and singing) Luhan is also very athletic. I really love his white and flawless skin and his eyes (it's full of wonder and very angelic. ) Luhan is also one of the most kindest members in EXO, he is caring and selfless

Luhan ir the most handsome surface dweller I've seen. No matter what they say, for me its still LUHAN :D

How is it even possible for someone to be perfect.
Such a beautiful man in & out.
So Innocent like an angelic angel

Luhan is so amazing... I'm obsessed with him seriously, to look like that and sing like that and dance like that while being so kind, caring, and humble... And those shy moments he has... UGH I CAN'T TAKE IT

Luhan is the reason I became interested in exo. his personality is really nice and there's nothing you can hate about him. sometimes I still can't believe that a person like this exist...

He's my first bias I like him ever since I saw the teaser. He's tall, gorgeous, talented, cute, and he's also dancing machine in exo M. Love him

Luhan for me is the most cute person in the world because even I really envy him because of his cuteness, always stay handsome always be your self, be healthy and be happy because we are here no matter what.

I think All MEMBER EXO are Handsome..But The most Handsome is Luhan..he is handsome+CUTE...and I don't know what I want say... - suzyangel

Luhan is the one that I like in exo.I'm not really a fan of exo before but when my friends show me their pictures their is only one that caught my eyes and I asked them who is this and they said,"that's LUHAN". Luhan is so CUTE.

At first I only knew about EXO K but I got curious and Asked my Unnie who are the other ones being shown in the video then she showed me EXO M and Luhan Caught my eye he's handsome, cute, caring he has all the characteristics that I want in a guys

He's so handsome... Go go go! I love you lu han

Luhan is my ultimate bias. It is not that I like him because of just his physical appearance but because of his talents and inspiration to others. Stay strong Luhan Baby LuLu We are always here to support you. Wo ai no love love mahal na mahak kita. I hope this another year to come will be your luck for your success and happiness.

LUHAN IS A PERFECT GUY!, I Like him the most! He is Handsome, SUPER HOT, and a caring HYUNG What I like him the most is He is So nice and caring to all of his members SARANGHAE LUHAN! FIGHTING Wish you all the best!