Sehun (EXO-K)

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I think that sehun is the most handsome exo member and I feel that he is good looking enough to become the most handsome man in the world.When you look at the images of exo members he is the one that looks the best among them.Luhan is more cute than handsome and he is more likeable because of his warm personality.

He's honestly the one that made me love the group, he may not be so cheerful but that's the thing with him, he's so sassy, I love that about him, he can be cute if he wants too. He is the youngest in the group, yet he is one of the leading dancers. I especially love his voice, it's unique, there are a lot of reasons as to why you would tend to think that he's older than the others

To be honest I didn't really find Sehun good looking at first... but as I got to know him better, I saw his hidden charms :) He is really handsome when he dances and really cute when he's just being himself. I love how he looks with a snap back on but I really think he should stop having a middle part in his hair... Nevertheless I love him so much!

He is the Most cute, handsome, best Maknae in the world! He is so innocent and cute like an angel. He may is not the best dancer or rapper but his skills are awesome. He is my bias forever and I think he is the most handsome man in the world. And people said that he had done plastic surgery but I don't think because his eyes just looks bigger because of the Makeup and his nose is the same when he laugh. Sorry I have too many mistakes but English is not my first language

For me it's Sehun who is the most good looking of all of them... It's hard to explain but the first time I saw him, I just wow, she's very hot and handsome... He has this manly aura, a fierce one that any girl would admire and what attracts me the most is his facial features it's strong and appealing

He is the most perfect and handsome member I think. His beautiful eyes, his pointed nose, his light skin, his nice face, his stylish hair, and his wow body. He is also tall, and great in dance. He always looks good and match with what he wear. So I vote him

He looked good in every position... I cannot find a flaw in him. L

Sehun is really the most handsome man on this planet. His facial features are perfect and his body is really sexy; more weight and a workout will make him a god of manly beauty.Fans who make ranking for most handsome place Sehun in higher or highest place. About his talent as a dancer; Sehun is Exo's most graceful dancer specially during his solo number Sehun can make those lady fans scream because of too much admiration.Even haters recognize Sehun's superbly handsome face.

Oh sehun is dealt so handsome that I can't even take my eyes of him! He's like always attracting my attention! I ❤ him very much and I also heard that he was an ulzzang before, so that basically makes sense that I chose him to be the most handsome guy in exo! Sehun fighting! Exo fighting!

Sehun? He is a human that is crazily CUTE, inhumanly HOT, insanely SEXY and absolutely PERFECT! And of course you cannot describe him with WORDS! But I tried... But all I can see is he is an cute, hot and sexy eff

I have soft spot for maknaes like seriously, but Sehun Oh my. He's so naturally charming, he doesn't have to try at all, he always looks so good grrr. He has like the most innocent, warm face ever, he looks like a baby, but he can pull of sexiness so easily at the same time, he doesn't necessarily looks like the youngest, he looks like the ideal 'oppa'. Don't even get me started on the dancing.. He looks so good while dancing, he already is such a brilliant dancer and his gorgeous looks are just a huge plus point. I love all the EXO members, but Sehun to me has the best looks, he truly blessed.

What words can I use to describe how handsome or beautiful Sehun is? Or better I can say that Sehun is one of the most beautiful creations of God.He is not only beautiful physically but also an adorable person. He is blessed with awesome talents in dancing. I really love him so much. I know that he can't be mine but just to see his pictures or videos everyday make me happy.

I think Sehun is one of the most attractive idols in the K-Pop industry today. With his long legs and his face feature, he really looks like a model. Besides, his dance is always on point and his smooth voice just makes him more irresistible (which, in this case, he already is). I just want SM to give him more lines in EXO's songs, though. He really is more than just a pretty face. Sehun-ah, fighting!

I fell for him in love at first sight. He is awesome.

No words can describe Sehun's handsomeness. He's the only one who's capable of ruining or improving it. We, EXO Sehun fans are just here to support and love him always. Sehun, fighting! :)))

He looks like he could be the prince of Korea in the past. He looks more beautiful than handsome and have you all see the new Shinhwa remake? Wow... Sehun looked so beyond perfect

His facial features are perfect. I don't know why, but he's the first EXO member I got my eyes set on. Sehun's face has this 'I-am-the-most-handsome' tag. So I think, I have to vote for him

Sehun is really handsome. His very good in dancing and his awesome.

He is very cute. He has a very attractive and charming face. His smile is very adorable. He has a perfect face feature. So, I like him the most.


The first time I watched EXO's music video, I fell for Sehun... He is handsome, hot, sexy. To me, he is the most good looking creature on this earth.. I just love him.

He's really perfect guy. He's chic and smart. He's so handsome and cool. But sometime cute. He's also good at dancing! Totally my ideal guy! :) I love you all exo!

Sehun is the most amazing creature in creation, his smile, his everything pretty much is just amazing I can't even find the words to describe how amazingly adorably cute, sexy, hot he is.

Sehun is just Sehun the first time I saw him was his voice he sings really awesome and I like everything else that's all I have to say.

He's the reasons why I check on everything about EXO everyday, he's the most handsome Korean pretty-man I ever saw.