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1 Bagas Dwi Saputra

He's so handsome and finalist cowok paling tinggi Dan paling handsome di ICIL 2013, he's WONG KITO GALO (from PALEMBANG) - rayhanirawan

He's a great child, multitalented, so handsome, with wonderful voice and having good attitude.. Blovers always love you.Keep Spirit Bagas!

He's Multitalented boy and have a kind heart, Specially his smile is make me melting

Handsome, talented, golden voice is BAGAS RDS
I love him so much

LOVE you GAS:*


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2 Rio Stevadit

Rio lope lope


Rio? How awesome {}

The most handsome boy

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3 Cakka Nuraga

Cakka, IS a handsome boy and Very talented Boys

Cakka is so handsome

Cakka is so handsome. He is perfect. He has good voice. He can play guitar. He like basketball..
Cakka is ex shilla :')
Cakka, shilla..
#shivers #csf

Cakka shilla

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4 Difa Ryansyah

You're very very handsome,
You always smile...

Difa,. You are very handsome and sweet smile

Difa ryansyah you are my little brother and you handsome.

Handsome boy, cute, and friendly.. Love him so Much..

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5 Ozy Ardiansyah

Ozy, you're very handsome! Therefore you not perfect but for me you are perfect boys.

He's my best alien

Ozy, you very handsome

Hai Masa depan. I love youu

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6 Ray Prasetya

He is very very handsome ;;) hi is my idol and my inspiration and I LOVE RAY. RAY READY UNTIL WHENEVER

He's very handsome, cute, friendly, multi-talented! I love him si much

Because he is my idol. I am very proud to have the idol very very handsome, cute, friendly, multi-talented. And I love him so much {} :D

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7 Gilang Wahyuda Wannartha

Gilang Ia amazing n his smile Ia veryvery awesome, lalalalao cetarbadaitopancetarmembahana ulalalka

Gilang go.. Go.. Go gilang tetap di hati givers indonesia.

Semangat G.I.L.A.N. G

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8 Gabriel Damanik V 5 Comments
9 Alvin Jonathan

He's cool man, handsome, and perfect! - wardahsankaquarius

Alvinn is perfect, I love him so much :D

Alvin pernah duet sama Olga Victoria

Alvin is a cool boy. He has good voice. Also he has white skin. Perfect boy I think :) love you AlvinJo ♥

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10 Debo Andryos

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11 Bastian Bintang Simbolon

You are very handsome


So pasti bastian yg menang :D

Go go bastian go go bastian kalahkan yg lain bas b-stars dukung kamu selalu keep calm and love you bastian, kalahkan bagas

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12 Deva Ekada

He's so handsome, so cute, funny, sweet, perfect, good. Miss you presiden DS

We're DS, Keep Calm and Always love Deva :* He is very nice and handsome! I love you Deva

You are so handsome deva, go go go!

Kak deva itu ganteng, unyu, baik, ramah lagi ama fans. Pokoknya dia baik, dia harus masuk ke top ten.

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13 Obiet Panggrahito
14 Chindai Gloria V 1 Comment
15 Angel Karundeng

I love her so much, she have a amazing voice and she have a beautifull face, her smile so autumn, it's tobe a honor if I can meet her, SHE's VERY AMAZING :) you're my idol Andrea Arnetta Angelique Karundeng :) and always be

Mmm pardon me super smart people, but the list say 'most-handsome' unless you think that this Angel is actually a male deep-inside.

16 Halilintar Morgen
17 Josia Simajuntak

Handsome boy in the world!
With his handsome voice you are an angel!

18 Ivan Roy Simanjuntak
19 Muhammad Ibrahim Fattah

He is multitalented and I love muhammad ibrahim fattah

Fattah we love you

20 Patton Latuiperissa

Not only handsome, he also multi-talent!

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3. Difa Ryansyah

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