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Kim Jae-joong, also known as Jaejoong is a Korean singer, actor, songwriter, actor, designer and director.


There are millions of handsome guys in this world so to be the number 1, you have to stand out. And this guy did. Not only because of his visual shock appearance, but his talents and personality as well. Jaejoong achieves the balance of being handsome and beautiful at the same time. He sings extremely well, pouring out his most sincere emotions. His voice suits all kinds of music genres (ballad, dance, rock, trot). He is able to compose many great songs and is able to direct a concert. He gains recognition for his acting as well. And here comes his personality, everyone thinks he's cold based on his appearance. But he's the warmest and kindest person I've seen. And also weird and funny at times. He always put his loved ones before him. He loves and takes care of his members, family and fans.

It was around 2 years ago when I was first introduced to DBSK, which is forever my favorite group (despite being disbanded). When I was watching my first music video my eyes automatically went to Jaejoong and I thought, "Wow, if there was any man that would be described as beautiful, it would be this guy. " At first I was merely drawn to his astounding looks, but as I watched other videos of him that showed him while he wasn't performing, I began to fall in love with his personality too. Kim Jaejoong does truly have a good heart as well as a charming personality and good looks. So, I vote him as the most handsome not only for his actual looks, but his personality

Jaejoong has been the definition of visual shock in K-pop male groups. He's handsome and beautiful at the same time. Just see his photos and one will easily be mesmerized. He's simply attractive and can draw attention wherever he is. But he is more than just a pretty face. Jaejoong is multi-talented and he has great personalities.

Jaejoong is the eternal mother figure in DBSK. He has a motherly caring aura about him, and although he looks cold the first time you meet him, once you get to know him he is a friendly, amiable man who really cares for the ones he loves.
On top of his beautiful looks lies his gorgeous voice, I have yet to hear a more beautiful voice. He has the ability to pull off any genre and really balance the harmonies perfectly in DBSK.

He has the best appearance; of course. He has good style; definitely. He has good manners;... I bet only if someone knew him better, they would definitely agree. Kim Jaejoong has the asset of not only has the best appearance but his inner side make him known well. Among his fans, he is called social butterfly because he can make good relationship not only for singers, actor but.. To etc.

I think those who have voted kyuhyun and donghae as the most handsome k-pop member haven't really seen you.
he's been voted as the most handsome Asian guy,
and no one can overpower his handsomeness

He is a very talented, not only a great singer with an incredible voice, he writes beautiful songs and music that is really wonderful.

Not only that, it's a great actor, even when new, always do your best to improve. It is a kind and caring person who thinks of others rather than himself and that recognizes the talent of his bandmates. A person who works hard to overcome the obstacles that have been put in front, he knows what pain and still keep going, always with faith, doing what he loves.

It is an artist that I can feel proud to be a fan.

I have this sneaking suspicion that Jaejoong will one day be Everybody's Favorite Human. That's how cool he is. You can't stop looking at him because each image of him is better than the last one. Definitely the most gorgeous and fascinating man alive.

Kim jaejoong is brilliant, handsome, excellent singer and a good person. Is multi-talented, a beautiful heart that attracts so many people is much loved and cheered by their fans and hope to continue to work as it has done so he will always have the support of their fans who want and have it very much. I love you jae

Most handsome and charming K-Pop star! Not only having good look, he has a good heart and personality too! He is just simply awesome from head down to toe!


I mean really it has to be Kim Jaejoong! He's super handsome with feminine and masculine looks combined. He's has a pure and wonderful soul and is an adorable dork! Not only is his outside appearance breathtaking his heart will blow you away at how innocent and amazing it is. This is what makes him more handsome than others his pure heart and his eyes drawing looks ^-^

He is very handsome I love him my jaejoong is the best he is the good guy his voice is healing his heart is beautiful his face is lovely, handsome, charisma, beautiful, I am proud to him I hope his happiness I never love who but I love him whole first sigh

A deadly combination of handsome looking, strong mentality, great talent, nice personality & lovely behavior.. Everything we need from an idol in one person only..

Looks are too perfect, too handsome to be real. Ah, a God from the East. Plus he is good in everything he does, singing, acting, dancing, to name a few. Isn't it the truth?

Kim Jaejoog is not only good looking He has great personality and amazing talent in singing. For me he is good role model for the youth. Even though he and JYJ accomplish many things they still remain as humble.. That's the why many people Love him and JYJ

The best male singer along with his bandmate Junsu. He has great skill, in singing, composing cooking, etc. He has this side that will easily attract people around him to look and pay attention to him. His rainbow voice is col. No one can beat him.

The only thing more gorgeous than Jaejoong is his VOICE.

You got the whole package with Jaejoong. Beautiful inside and outside, plus super talented with a voice that can melt your heart. Got to love him.

Jaejoong has a beauty that no one else have. He present the beauty for both man and woman. He what we call beautifully gorgeous and stunningly handsome

Bo doubts - I've never seen anyone, who can compare with Jaejoong. He's not only handsome, but he also has an amazing personality. He's perfect.

Jaejoong is definitely the most handsome.. Besides he has an amazing fashion sense so he always looks perfect..

Jaejoong is the most handsome male idol in Asia. He has a beautiful voice too. His charismatic eyes with the thick eyebrow makee him look so manly. He has a kind heart too. Just by look at him and hearing his voice make my day feel better. I'm proud to be his fan. And I love him when he laugh. Very refreshing. :D

Jaejoong is one of the rare idols in kpop that is not only the visual, but also incredibly talented. Incredible vocals, good acting, charming and hilarious personality, good at cooking and housework... Ehat more can you expect from a handsome (and pretty at the same time, lol), guy? He also has a kind heart and gets along with everyone. perfect man

He is beyond gorgeous, not just in the outside but also in the inside. He is very talented, caring, nice, friendly... Just awesome! I love his voice too!