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21 Nickhun

He has the most refreshing handsome looks on and off camera, besides his perfect face, he has a sexy body curled up beastly under... And most all around skills, be it as a 2pm member but also in sports, arts, cultural... Etc.

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22 Heechul

Handsome and beautiful, he's perfect guy.

He's very cute and handsome!

He's the most handsome!

23 Kai - EXO

Just type "kai exo" in google images and enjoy the rest of the day!

Kai is the hottest k-pop idol till date in my ultimate perfect and hot + talented bias

Kai is the most sexiest man I have ever seen! Are you kidding I fell in love with him the first time I saw him. Anyone could see his charm and sexy appeal through the screen. Anyone would fall in love with him if they observed him carefully. So sexy, oppa saranghae#! Fighting!

Kai oppa is talented and handsome

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24 Yang Yo-seob

So cute like innocent baby
Innocent eyez
Powerful voice, sweet smile, many talente
Your the best!

I love yoseob voice and cuteness baby face all the time. (@_@) very very love yoseob. Mwah
Yoseob oppa whenever, whatever To doo I am
Your always always fan~&~~

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25 Park Chanyeol

A talented man... he is good in playing guitar... He's good in rapping...
He do songs too...

He's funny and definitely a handsome man...

Chanyeol is 70?! How its possible he is so handsome &cute

He is the cutest and most lovable one from EXO

Chanyeol is so cute and handsome

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26 Xiah Junsu

I love him..! His so cute.. Angelic voice.. And most of all his duck butt.! I love his powerful voice..! Handsome dolphin~~~

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27 Seungri

The best singer, dancer, host and maknae I've ever known. Fighting, VI!

... He is so cute! I know you can do it. But I still like GD the most in BIGBANG


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28 Ryeowook Ryeowook Kim R yeowook (29), better known by the mononym Ryeowook . He is a South Korean Singer, Actor and Musical Actor . more. V 2 Comments
29 Sungmin Sungmin

The most handsome man in my heart

He's my bias since 2009. He's handsome and cute boy.. I love him

30 Changmin

He's so HANDSOME! And even more handsome in real life ~ He is so tall like a model ^_^

31 Ok Taecyeon
32 Kim Kibum

Key Shinee is so good looking. especially with black hair. so georgous and so fashionable. I love he's straightforward and open minded, unlike the other Koreans.

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33 Minho

When I first saw him on television on his drama TTBY I'm starting to admire him because of his character. I love Minho because he is a very talented person. He's the most cutest member of Shinee. I like him because he give so much joy and happiness to those people who watching his performance on stage or in a television..
Minho, I hope you will continue inspiring people to pursue their dreams.
Minho is a heavens gift from us. I love Minho forever =).
I hope we meet on person even though a million of miles away from two of us.. I'm just kidding. I'm happy that you are seeing on television.
I always track everything you do. I will support you until the end.. Thank you for inspiring me.. It's me Ella =)

He is my favoritee :)) He is the most handsome guy in the world.. (in my opinion) :D He is really perfect. He has the nice look and great personality! I love him so much

He is very handsome and cool. He is rapper in SHINee boyband

He should be the first not 21st... !

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34 Kim Bum Kim Bum

He hot has the best smile in this whole world he can sing and act what girl does not want that and he has the best personality:) love you oppa

35 Lee Jeong Min
36 Shin Dongho

This baby dongho make me happy to see his cute smile,
Dongho fighting!

37 Kang Min-hyuk

I like him because he is very good in drums and I like it... He's so cute in his character in THE HEIRS..

Hmm why minhyuk down here ;( he deserved to be at first because he is handsome cute and very talaented. I'm very dissapointed

Minhyuk shouldn't bedown here... he's my ULTIMATE bias and he's down here... Pretty diappointing...

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38 T.O.P

Even without showing much skin, T.O. P's handsomely good looks are known throughout all of the Kpop industry. His stare will have you staring back. The only thing better then his classy looks is his voice.

One of the best singer/model/actor in South Korea... He is the sex symbol of his genearation... With his charming looks, charismatic voice & high sense of fashion

T.O. P is a very cute person. Every girl when see his face will scream and also will go CRAZY. He also has a good voice. The important things is T.O. P IS A VERY CUTE AND HANDSOME. I love you T.O.P... HOPE YOU WILL GO SCCUEESS

Top is most handsome in big bang

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39 Oh Sehun

I really love EXO because of their songs and especially OH SEHUN! He is so HANDSOME!

WHY IS HE HERE?!?! MY BABE IS THE BEST LOOKING HUMAN OUT THERE! Baekhyun is suppeer cute and so is Luhan and Kai is hot and so is Chanyeol whereas Suho is handsome. But Sehun is cute, hot and handsome ALL AT THE SAME TIME! WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT FROM A GUY SO PERFECT. Same goes for Jaejoong but he's too old. But Sehun is my bias for life.

He shouldn't be here cause his place must be in top 5.That's his place.

With or without make up he is cute

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40 Jeon JungKook Jeon JungKook

Jungkook is the most handsome in Korea...

How could someone that really have a cute face but handsome and manly? Only Jungkook have this..

The cute! The golden magnae! WHY HE IS JUST IN 47?! Oh come on, vote for kookie, ARMY! I think he is handsome and cute in one way! Him voice is extremely beautiful, when he's dancing he's so cool! WHOA! #Army4Ever.

He's very handsome and charming

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