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61 Yong Jun-hyung

We like beast's rapper JunHyung-oppa, because he is handsome and a very funny guy, BEST RAPPER EVER!

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62 Jang Wooyoung

He is really cute and a great singer and dancer

He's really good looking, He's so funny and cute also he's a great dance and singer!... (He's the best though) ♥

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63 No Minwoo

This boy makes me crazy every time I saw him in the T.V.. He is so handsome really and I REALLY REALLY LOVE YOU MY PRINCE MINWOO. You are my only one idol.

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64 Xiumin (Exo)

Guys vote this man can't you see his cute and talented... exo fans help me to vote exo

Hope xiumin name would reach at top 10 because he's really cute and home some plus talented

He very cute, handsome, talented!

He is so handsome and manly

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65 Tao (Exo)

He's really handsome, though very childish but he has a charm that makes you go gaga over him
His eyes are very beautiful and his lips have this unique shape to them

Unique features and love his eyes and height

Funny, Cute, Crazy and just... Perfect.

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66 Suga

The cute and motionless in bts. I like his eyes and what he raps by his own ways - Sharbyskai

Because he like a snow white.?

Suga the most cute in bts

He so cute

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67 Choi Jong Hoon

Not the vocalist but the sexiest lead guitarist ever.

He is very talented..i like of course his nose and his smile..

68 Du Jun
69 Mir

He has a humor. He is sweet and a good rapper! He is just simply AMAZING! From Philippines.. Go MIR!

70 Taeyang

What the...why is he here? ? he must be in top 5

I think Taeyang is has the killer smile and extremely cute eyes that made me fell in love with him! Awwa~ The abs that he had. SO DAMN HOT! Actually him voice is sexy too.. ARGH! I can't say anything again, for me TAEYANG IS MY BAE! #ProundVIP!

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71 JinYoung

He didn't go under any plastic surgery (as far as I/we know). Natural v shape face and great small eyes.. :D just so handsome..

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72 Gongchan

He is cute...
Even his aegyo...
And his very lovable voice is pain reliefing...

73 Park Ji-min

He has such a nice personality and is very attractive. BTS would definitely not be the same without Jimin. (As well as the other members)

He is the sexiest boy in the group

This cute,sexy guy shouldn't be here!

Don't even get me started on this man.
Have you ever seen someone so unbelievably pretty, that you just spend hours, and hours, thinking about them, endlessly? Take that person, and multiply them times ten.
that's how hot he is.
So, so, hot. ;-;

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74 Lee Hyun Woo

When I watched "god of study" I thought wow... He's the handsomest kid I've ever seen! Gradually to roles like equator man, my god I fell further for him. He's such a cutie who is SO handsome!

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75 Minhyun
76 Kim Junsu
77 Chunji Chunji

He is very cute. His voice is very cool. I love you, chunji

I like the person who is included in Teen Top is Lee Chunji oppa.He's so cute and handsome even hot too.He's the one who make my heart flutters.Saranghae...oppa fighting too

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78 Sandeul
79 Baro
80 Woo-hyun

Very very very very very handsome

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