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101 Daesung

Oh... Come on.. Why you guys put him here... Poor my Daesung oppa.

102 Ricky (Teen Top)
103 Eli Kim

Yeah, he's the best rapper!

104 Hoya (Infinite)
105 Cnu (B1A4) V 1 Comment
106 Heebum
107 Lee Sung-jong
108 Bang Yongguk - Bap V 1 Comment
109 Yibo
110 Chanyeol (Exo)

He really looks great in everything that she wears. That's how you see a true handsome guy

You handsome boy.. I wish I had you... so adorable.. keep going you cute pae

V 2 Comments
111 Shin Won-ho

Very good looking. Cute and adorable. I love him in the drama BIG and Bachelors vegetable shop ❤. Hope that shin and cross gene would become more popular. Please support!

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