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21 Park Jung Min (SS501) Park Jung Min (SS501)

He is definetlly one of the most handsome,talented, cute, he has all, park jung min os complete sexy carisma! so handsome andsexy

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22 Sehun (Exo-K) Sehun (Exo-K)

He is cute, adorable and handsome..The best maknae in the whole universe...and have the best color of the hair especially the rainbow one...he should be top 1 in this list...Oh sehun we love you

He is the cutest guy in THE WHOLE WORLD

He is my bias I like his jaw line haha

Sehunnie is really handsome~ the hottest guy with a lovely personality~

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23 Changmin (TVXQ)

He's so damn hot. His face becomes more sexy every single day

He's cute&cool for me

24 Doojoon (Beast/B2st)

Seriously, this guy is SO handsome, not to mention his amazing personality that makes him even more attractive!

He not just handsome but he also has funny character.

Just watch Iris 2 of Google his photos. You will know..!

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25 G-Dragon

He's so damn hot and handsome! He's almost perfect! Whatever he does is extremely awesome! He shouldn't just be on 11th rank! You can identify if a guy is handsome if he still looks gorgeuos whatever hairstyle or whatever you do to his face. This guy explain that indeed!

Every time, I watch his interviews, and him describing how he takes care of his special someone makes me think, this is the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with. He's very caring and sensitive to the needs of his partner.

The most talented man on composing music that always sent his music on the top chart. Always got perfect all kill on his music. He has the brain. He has the attitude for loving his fans. He respect people & always bowing formally. He loves his family. It's more than just meet the eyes... Kwon Jiyong is the most wanted bachelor! VIPs love you!

This human is my first bias in kpop. The way he laughs, smiles, he is just so precious. Whenever, I see him letting his fans touch his hair or hug him. it just makes me think that guy know how to make someone special. His Songs are beyond admired by me.
He can even pull any hairstyle and still looks beautiful. I admire him more than anything that is in this world

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26 Cho Kyuhyun

Love you my love...
Please be mine...
U r the most talented of them all...
All hail "evil magnae"!...

He very cute and handsome.. I don't like suju songs but I like peple in that group

Kyuhyun's very handsome. He is also smart and good in singing. He have most talented.
Cho kyuhyun is the best^^

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27 Lee Sung Yeol (infinite)

He is very handsome when he smiles. His voice is unique, He is a very funny person and a choding with makes him cute and handsome haha, He is my bias in infinite hehe

At first glance he is very manly but once you follow him,l he is really a choding, a funny person that everyone would love. I really adorw his feature.

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28 So Ji-sub

Definitely the most handsome He's so handsome love you oppa

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29 TaeYang (Big Bang)

He is so handsome! Your heart will melt.

He got a smiling eyes

30 Lee Joon Ki

He's so handsome,so attractive,so talented,...I love his manga-esque hair so much.Not to mention he look dazzling in both hanboks and modern cloth...Once you hear his sexy voice and sees his charming smile which touches eyes you'll never be able to get over his charm...

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31 Song Seung Hyun

You have beautiful eyes I ever seen

32 Lee Wan

Sexy! handsome, and talented

33 Kim Taehyung "V" (BTS)

He's sweet and cheeky face is so cute. Since this is "Most handsome" ranking, I don't intend to go on about his beautiful personality but he's just too cute. He has this cute smile and yet when he is serious he is breathtakingly hot

He is the most handsome. He's adorable, funny and cute

He should be part of the top10 the most handsome alien..

He shouldn't be on 35... He must be in top 5 or top 10...that's what I think...😊

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34 Jang Keun-suk

The best actor, singer, dancer... No words are sufficient to praise his talents... Totally Great!

I love him a lot.. He has a many qualties who is perfect in everything..

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35 Lee Joon (Mblaq)

He's the most handsome Korean idol I've ever seen, he has a really hot body and a beautiful face, his personality makes him look even more handsome!

Lee Joon face is so handsome, his jawline is just AWESOME. His body is also hot, he has chocolate abs and also he ranked top 10 best abs! His personality is making him better

I love everything in him. He's so handsome, funny personality, and he's so kind to his fans. He's so sexy and have nice jawline

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36 No Min Woo

He's really multi-talented, and smoking hot..

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37 Suho (Exo) Suho (Exo) Kim Jun-myeon was born on May 22, 1991. Known professionally as Suho, he is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member and the leader of the South Korean boy group EXO and its sub-unit group called EXO-K.

His eyebrow game is so strong! One look can make you melt. But his winning feature is his smile. And man if he looks good in a suit... He's a totally lovable handsome dork. He looks like a fairytales prince. I'm not even kidding. Our kind leader deserves lots of love.

The second choi siwon and the perfect leader

He got a nice figure, he is also more cuter than handsome, he has a unique charm

The best leader, cute and handsome at same time. He's just perfect!

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38 Dongjun (ZE:A)
39 Taecyeon (2pm)

Manly, handsome and has that endearing quality and of course, very intelligent and hardworking

40 Choi Daniel

So handsome definetlly and so talented as well, like the wine better with the time

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