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41 Jin (BTS)

He is the handsome and cute idol that I ever seen... !

He's the best hyung that bts have.. He also likes ti whine and a silent person

Jin is vry talented! I just don't get why people are underestimating him. His voice is awesome, and he is so handsome, but its just his weak point is dancing. People need to pay attention to the pink princess these days. Be sure to listen to his covers! They are really good.

He's smart..really smart and with logic. talented in various way. Kind hearted. His handsome face is just an additional for.his great personality.

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42 Jungkook (BTS) Jungkook (BTS) Jeon Jung kook was born in Busan, September 1 1997. His nationality is South Korean. HIs favorite number is 1. He is known as a South Korean idol singer, singer-songwriter, dancer, composer and producer. JK Favorite color is Red, Black, and White. He think express color of Hip Hop is Black and Red. more.

He is handsome.. Why is he on the 60th place?

He is really handsome, he's only 16 and he is the golden maknae because he is the main vocal, main dancer, rapper and he and jin is the visual

I believe that Jungkook is the number one rather than the number 58. I love you so much Jungkook

KOOKIE is really handsome in my opinion... He deserves a higher ranking here

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43 Daehyun (B.A.P)

Oh come on, he is like the best vocal with the best visual out there!

I love him so much... So handsome... Cheesecake oppa...

He looks are unique

The best the bestt haha just lost for words, the only idol who eat non stop yet still slim and handsome hahaaha dae dae wkwkwkwk

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44 Park Chan-yeol

Everything about him is great. I hope he gets a higher ranking.

He is so handsome and most awesome rapper in the world

He is the best, handsome, the only rapper that sing perfectly, hot body, funny, multitalent

Chanyeol is my bias,he is really handsome! I like him

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45 Kai (Exo)

He got a perfectly tanned skin, he is hot and a good dancer

He is so sexy! Especially when he dances.. I mean it's enough to make any girl squeal!

This is a no brainer like seriously, ever looked at kai's lips? Or nose or may be his jaw line every thing about him is to die for... he should be named handsomest man on earth


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46 Key (Shinee)

I love his hair and his face shape is good

He is more like pretty

47 Kris (Exo) Kris (Exo)

Kris is very handsome! I love him!

Kris is one of my favorite boy kpop.. His face is like a foreign look.. He is a cool guy and handsome..

He is so handsome, even though he got a long jaw

He is so handsome and a best and cool rapper

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48 Lee Hong Ki (F.T. Island)

He's very handsome and deserves a higher rank in this list! He's such a great singer too; his voice can melt everyone's hearts!

Very different from other actors:he sure deserves some attention

You are sooo cute

HongKi FIGHTING! I love you handsome ^-^

49 Park Yoo Chun (JYJ)

He's so perfect in his way. By staring at him, I can keep falls in love again and again even in 1 minute..

Come on guys he should be among the top 10 list, he's gorgeous

He is nothing but perfect and pure face..titally charming and adorable..

50 Kim Jonghyun (SHINee)

He had the best voice out of all the other idols... Hansome, friendly, funny... Proud to b a fan of jonghyun :D

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51 Lee Byung Hun (Teen Top)

He's short, handsome, raps very well, compose songs, play piano and violin, HOT.. !

L. Joe is hot, cute, sexy, cool n a great rapper...
i love you L. Joe!
please vote for L. Joe...

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52 Do Kyungsoo (EXO)

You're very handsome and I love your naughtiness in the show when the chickens and eagles you're just running pointlessly in circles

You are so quiet and it is so handsome

Do Kyungsoo is superb adorable and squishy! I really really love him!

Oppa is so cute saranghae 💞 you're the best ✌️ fighting ✊

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53 Kim Mingyu (Seventeen)

Yeah. He is so handsome that I can't believe that he is not in the top 10. Were talking about handsome not your favorites.

Holy jisoos he's very handsome what he's not in the top ten what is this

He is the visual of Seventeen though Seventeen has a lot of handsome dudes. Mygod! especially Vernon.

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54 Yunho (TVXQ) Yunho (TVXQ) Jung Yun-ho, also known by his stage name U-Know Yunho or simply U-Know, is a South Korean singer, actor, and a member of the pop duo TVXQ.

Yunho is the handsome Korean idols I ever seen. He is more charming than the other members in his group. I rather call him prince if I met him. Yunho is a great leader. I want him to always be with his group and sing together so I can enjoy their mv at least. For examples, Summer Dream. Anyway, Go Go Yunho.

Definitely have to say Yunho Hyung. There is literally nothing bad about this man's face. He's beautiful yet masculine. It's unrivaled no homo.

Prince Yunho is the best with great dance skill and manly looks (bad boy image)

55 Lee Jung Shin

He's so tall and beautiful, especially his eyes.

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56 Nam Woohyun (Infinite)

This oppa so funny...

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57 Kevin (U-Kiss)

I think you guys have forgot about U-Kiss
This handsome angel make me die

Kevin is a special person
He give me a luck and inspiration
U-kiss fighting

58 JB (GOT7)

He has very sharp facial features with eye moles that are to die for! Overall a very suave/sexy image.

He is an epitome of hotness. Very eye-captivating and those cheekbones to die for

The leader of Got7. The CHARISMATIC guy.. He's so Handsome

59 Jung Haewon (X-5)

Pretty and sexy eyes.

60 Jang Wooyoung (2PM)

He cam dance, sing..
Has a lot of aegyo... But most importantly.. He is such a perfect human being! He has a babyface that can look cute and handsome at the same time

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