Most Handsome Korean Idols

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61 Onew Onew

Onew can be a very funny, smart, yet cool male idol!

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62 Byun Baekhyun

I totally agree with you. He is hot and cute!

He is my bias.. Love him

Yes he is so hot

He is my one and only baekhyun! he deserve to be on top..

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63 Mark (Got7)

He is the visual of Got7 according to his members. Such a talented and handsome guy that will truly catch your heart

He is the most handsome member in Got7! The way he rap and he's martial arts tricks is an extra point handsome to him. A pretty boy and have a baby face like he's the Maknae even Yugyeom is the maknae

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64 V (BTS)

V's face is amazingly proportionate and quite surreal. You cannot take your eyes off him. His features are exquisite

HAHA his name was already mentioned before I'm pretty sure! But because is our cute dongsaeng I'll write for him again. HE IS A KILLER PERFORMER but CUTE NEXT-DOOR BOY. His looks is handsome on stage, cute off stage!

He is adorable

Love love love!

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65 Ji Chang Wook
66 Ghun (X-5)
67 Lee Chan Hee (Teen Top)

CHUNJI oppa, you are wonderful and handsome everyone will know that you are handsome and beautiful if they lok teen top music video sincerely.

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68 Tao (Exo)

He really looks like a bad boy! But he is actually very childlike and cute.

I prefer tao because of his bad boy look.

Tao, He is really Cute, Handsome, Have a good rap HE IS PERFECT! EXOTIC REALLY LOVE HIM! Please Vote for him! My lovely SHower Romantic AB Kungfu Panda!

Being look like a bad boy of exo!

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69 Chanyeol (Exo)

He is really handsome! He is really tall and has a pair of really big double eyelid eyes! Not only that, he also has a really cute personality and he can play a wide variety of musical instruments well. He also brings the mood up in EXO and so is known as the happy virus! Besides that, he also can act well, sing well, rap well and also go on variety shows very well!

He is a good rapper and all people will love him after know his funny dorky act

He can not only rap but he also has a deep capturing vocal that makes people fall heads over heels for

He is really talented and he can play many musical instruments like the guitar.

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70 Lay (Exo) Lay (Exo) Zhang Yixing, better known as Lay, is a Chinese singer-songwriter, record producer, author, dancer, and actor.

HE HAS TALENT AND IS HANDSOME. So polite and kind too. Sometimes he's too innocent

He is the best

He's the best looking unicon ever

71 Vernon (Seventeen)

Vernon is handsome. can't find the words to describe. I can't believe that he is half Korean. I can't find it in his facial features

Why is he not in the top ten ughh

I feel that he is really handsome. Everybody says that he looks like LEONARDO DICAPRIO. In adore U MV he luks AMAZING! Even his rap skills are awesome. He is one of the most good looking rookie and kpop idol right now

His hair. His jawline. His eyes.Just him. ugh

72 JB

He is so talented and so handsome

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73 Sungmin (Super Junior) Sungmin (Super Junior)

He is most Handsome Korean Idol

He is the most handsome man in my eyes, that's enough.

He is really cute an handsome. The other members r so jealous of his skin. When kyuhyun, eunhyuk, ryeowook and leeteuk came to weekly idol they were asked to rank the suju members sngmin was placed 3rd. I think he is really HANDSOME!

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74 Lee Seung Gi
75 Jackson (Got7)

His personality is just as sexy and cute/funny as his looks are

Jackson is Wild&Sexy. He call himself that. Jackson is handsome. He is also caring though does'nt fit his title WILD & SEXY but truthfully, he is. Watch 'Roommate Season 2' to see it yourself. Jackson is the guy that you will definitely love

76 Lee Gi-kwang (Beast)

My dear...

77 Jimin (BTS)

What is BTS's Jiminie doing at 96th place?! He is cute, charming, handsome with or without make-up. He is one of the idols who doesn't even need make up to look good! And just search

He's my sweetie..

Jiminie will always be my number one forever. Can't believe he is at 83

I love this human so much. there is so much to talk about him. Jimin is that person who can make me love him even more than I do now. He is so beautiful. His high notes and the way he cares about others. His selcas are beyond perfect. so beautiful and the way he dances, ah I am so done. and have you seen his fan edits? COME ON, It's THE BEST. And his legs? PLEASE, adorable. yes, legs are adorable. just his. He is my number 1 in my hearteu. Forever A.R.M.Y

78 Jo Kwang Min (Boyfriend)

Having a twin brother, they look good together!

Jo Kwang Min is handsome. He is rapper with Min Woo :) he is cute and he have a twin name Jo Young Min. Jo Kwang Min 17 years old but he is have a tallent.

Kwangmin oppa is the best rapper ever, he's look very cute anytime

Saranghae Kwangmin Oppa!

Kwangmin is sooo sooo sooo cuteee and handsome and he is the best rapper... god bless him

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79 Hoya

Hoya is so talented and really good looking. He is really hard working and is so funny that I can never stop laughing. His smile is the thing I like the most about him - it is the cutest smile I have ever seen. There was one of infinite concert that many people said that after going to that concert they think that Hoya is the visual of infinite because he looked so stunning and handsome in real life. He is a really great dancer as well. He is currently ranked as one of the best dancers of kpop. I think he truly deserves to be in the top ten list.

He looks really cute and I have heard many people say that in reality when they go for infinite concert it seems that hoya is the visual of the group. And his dancing makes him even more lovable and handsome.Plus he is super funny. I think he is one of the most handsome idols in kpop.

He is really handsome! Also, He is good at singing, dancing, raping, acting! He is just excellent

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80 Thunder (MBLAQ)

His face is like a cartoon character that come to life... Long lean features small head broad shoulders that you only see in manga...

He is very cute. I like how he smiles and I love the contour of his face

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