Top 10 Most Handsome Men In the Philippines


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1 Richard Yap

Smart & intellectual is the new kind of beauty & sexy, and he definitely has both!

He really is the most handsome. He radiates how he feels there's this easy smile on his face.

Richard Yap, not only handsome, but there's an air of mystery in him.

Richard Yap is a talented man

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2 Coco Martin

Coco is deserving to be at the top because he got definitely 100% pinoy beauty.

Like Angel Locsin, Coco Martin is attractive inside and out and talented actor as well.

Because he is my idol

Very handsome and talented..

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3 Xian Lim

Because... I love him

4 John Lloyd Cruz

Because he's a good looking person and also has great personalities

5 Dingdong Dantes Dingdong Dantes Dingdong Dantes is a Filipino actor, television presenter, commercial model and film producer. Dantes is currently working as an exclusive talent of GMA Network, and is also the Chairman of the YesPinoy Foundation and manages his own film studio named AgostoDos Pictures.
6 Enchong Dee

Because he got a beautiful characteristic...

Because he's so handsome

7 Gerald Anderson
8 Sam Milby
9 James Reid James Reid Robert James Reid is a Filipino-Australian singer, actor, dancer, karateka, and songwriter with dual Filipino and Australian citizenship.

He must be at the top..

This is my idol

I like Jadine... James and Nadine and I suggest he should be the 2nd


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10 Daniel Padilla Daniel Padilla Daniel John Ford Padilla, also known as Daniel Padilla, is a Filipino actor and recording artist/bassist of the band, Parking 5. He is a talent of ABS-CBN and Star Magic and was chosen as one of the Original Pilipino Music Junior Ambassadors in promoting local music to the Filipino youth.

I'm not a fan of Daniel so y is he on the list he's not even that cute 4 your information I'm a girl and definitely he's not my type

And gwapo mo talaga..

Daniel I love you so much, so don't mind any harsh comment
you're the best and u will always be the best
love you

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11 Enrique Gil

He deserves to be on top

12 Piolo Pascual

For me... It's Papa P. Wt I love him most is his face and his yummy body!

Wala ng iba pa tall pa pinoy pa


13 Alden Richards Alden Richards Richard Reyes Faulkerson, Jr., also known by the stage name Alden Richards, is a Filipino television actor, host, model and recording artist signed with GMA Network.

I love your abs


14 Paulo Avelino

He got an expressive eyes that's why I like him.

15 Vice Ganda


16 Barun Sobti
17 Michael Pangilinan

Nice voice, Handsome, cute, attractive, body builder and song writer.

Top 1 Most Handsome Men in the Philippines.

18 Vhong Navarro
19 Luis Manzano
20 Billy Crawford
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