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1 Cancer

You are living a normal life; in several months or even less, you're in hospice. Scary to think about; cancer could be unpredictable. - illusion

Cancer is a fatal non- communicable disease. Million people die due to the cancer every year I can say that cancer is a very danger disease.

Do not use the things which can cause you cancer. But if you do not care yourself by not avoiding smoking then before smoking first think about your family left behind you after your death

Yes you are right cancer is really dangerous people die EASILY FROM CANCER at least 40 % of the people survive it

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2 Ebola

Cancer is a horrible disease, but Ebola is just a messed up thing! I wonder why people pay attention only to cure cancer, while Ebola getting little to no attention. I'm not saying cancer shouldn't be cured, it should, but since Ebola is even worse than cancer, we HAVE to pay attention to it as well. - BorisRule

One of the most deadliest in existence in this planet. - illusion

Cancer is a really deadly virus, yes. But cancer comes from one body system. Yes, I know that tumors cause damage to organs. However, at least cancer has treatment and far more supportive care than Ebola!

With this hellspawn, there is no cure, just like cancer. But this... this doesn't have any treatment! Wanna know how you rid of Ebola? Your body has to do it.
Cancer forms tumors that damages organs, but you can rid of those before it damages any! If you get Ebola, your organs are messed! It turns them into a liquid, except for you spleen. It turns you spleen into a rock, pretty much.
The only thing you get from this is supportive care, and you get much more of that if you have cancer.

This deserves to be #1. Cancer comes in as second, but no where close to being as bad as this nightmare.

Ebola is a disease straight from hell. It isn't funny at all. It killed over 10,000 people alone. It bleeds you to death and it has no cure. I thought having a period was bad enough but ebola is so lethal that if you get it, your organs are literally dead! Pray for the victims of Ebola and lets hope this disease gets completely wiped out. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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3 Bubonic Plague

The Bubonic Plague, or known as the Black Death, if I am correct, it killed almost 1/3 of Europe Population, plus there was no cure

Back when this really spread was a bad time. They thought it was caused by punishment from God. Some of them wipped themselves and carrying around big crosses. They interrogated either Jews or Muslims out of suspicion of them poising the water.

"Plague". Says it all.. - Strobo


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Because the patients are not willing to go for basic hiv checkups... They feel very shy to convey this problem to others...

I think AIDS is a very sad, deadly disease. I am sorry for the people who have AIDS. AIDS can come from a type of blood transplant.
- A 13 year old girl

Look at what AIDS did to Freddie Mercury

Don't forget to wear condoms

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5 Smallpox

It really only affected early Europeans who came to America because they did not have any resistance to it in their immune system - MSA33

I had then and there's a cure for it and cancer
will be cured to

My great great grampa died from it

6 Malaria

This disease is estimated to have killed about half of the people who have ever lived. Hundreds of billions of deaths. No disease can compare, and no disease ever will.

This should be number one. It isn't because it isn't a know disease and not many people have it. Sorry if this sounds offensive in anyway. But it should defiantly be at the top!

The deadliest thing on earth, which is just caused by a mosquito, ouch. So how is this not top of the list! P. S I have malaria so help! Hi

"Please always keep your surrounding clean and hygienic. This will save you. "

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7 Cholera

It's usually a severe gastrointestinal disease caused from mostly contaminated water sources. - illusion

Yes it's true cholera is the very harmful. We should aways take a injection of cholera before going to any piligrimage.

Does this even exist lol - DatBoiSquirtle


10 Influenza

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11 Alzheimer's

It slowly deteriorates your brain. Alzheimer's & Dementia are one of the most damaging things that could happen to both family life and you. - illusion

Is a amnesia that anyone can think but do your assignment if you don't its okay keep it up and better luck next time thank you and I am cheredel

Rarest one.. But most dreadfull..

It is too evil! I am Slenderman! Go to sleep...

12 Hepatitis B

Is a world th
Inking of anyone can't think but think hah

13 Bird Flu
14 Chicken Pox

What chicken pox doesn't kill you there are worse disease out there than one that gives you red spots - MSA33

15 Rabies

Not that harmful anymore because it is really rare. Only 1 US case in 2014 (you can read a RD article about it.) - DontMakeARookieMistake

16 Measles
17 Fifth Disease

Not harmful; very contagious and consists of common symptoms. - illusion

18 Heart Disease

Having a heart disease can be dangerous so try to keep your heart safe

Heart diseases are bloodblocking. The heart attack can kill you. I don't want you to die, I am worried about death. Don't eat an unhealthy diet. Don't smoke. These two things can cause heart disease.

19 ALS

You know what's overly sickening? The fact that some people have the literal audacity to put things such as hepatitis b above als, which is one of the most devastating diseases in existence. Might as well be a less hyper form of crippling autism.

20 Shingles
21 Diabetes

It is the disease which will remain with you throughout your life

22 Yellow Fever

Yellow fever is HORRIBLE I don't know why you didn't put it on the top 10 worst diseases now I had to put it in as 53

23 Dengue Fever

Harmful and could be severe. It is rare fortunately, but more common on the tropics. - illusion

24 Tuberculosis
25 Obesity

Huh didn't know it was a disease - darthvadern

The most preventable disease. The disease that most people are not aware of. The most versatile disease which can cause CANCER, DIABETES, CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE, MENTAL ILLNESS, SHORTER LIFE SPAN and so on... It not only harms inside but OUTSIDE too, bullies and insults are just few of them. 2/3 of America suffers from it which no one gives a damn about.

26 Progeria

Shortens lifespan of humans drastically. People with the syndrome age at an abnormal rate. - illusion

It causes children to age quicker, making them die waay too soon

Look up Adalia Rose to see how terrible this disease is - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Look up Hayley Okines. She has it

27 Fibrodysplasia Ossifican
28 Leprosy

Horrible people last long spread it you don't die within 1 month minimum I think there could be an out break even Canada had 12 cases.

29 Dysentery
30 Trigeminal Neuralgia

The symptoms of this are shooting or jabbing feelings all day, Spontaneous attacks of pain, Constant aching or a burning feeling or even 2+ nights of not sleeping. Trigeminal neuralgia has no cure no matter what and most likely will never go away. As death does not happen, just imagine constant pain and screaming for the rest of your days alive.

A disease which inflicts constant torture and agony; mainly caused by age or tumors. - illusion

31 Swine Flu
32 Typhoid
33 Anaemia
34 Mad Cow Disease

Mentally threatening disease; it is rare to get fortunately. - illusion

The RAREST disease. - Megone

35 Polio
36 Meningitis

Affects the brain functions. Common symptoms often occur but if untreated, could be severe resulting to brain damage/memory loss and could last in a lifetime. Fatal in some cases - illusion

37 Pneumonia

I had pneumonia ounce.

38 Herpes
39 Noma
40 Flu
41 Sickle Cell Anemia

Sickle Cell is a terrible disease that can't be avoided đŸ˜„ - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

42 Fatal Familial Insomnia

100% death rate and no explanation needed. - 50

43 Multiple Sclerosis
44 Common Cold

Not harmful in any way, but common hence the title of the infection name. - illusion

45 Crohn's Disease

A condition that can't be cured and its causes still remain unknown. - illusion

Suprised this wasn't on the list! I have this disease so I can tell you what it is! So basically there will be a bunch of sores in any part of your gastrointestinal tract, I have in my collons. If you don't take treatment every morning and evening you will get ill! If you never take your treatment you will eventually die! You see how dangerous it is? At least you can't catch it, but that's not saying that much to be honest. If you're born with it, then good luck having that disease your whole life (it's not as terrible as many of the diseases above but it should be higher on the list)! - darthvadern

46 Henoch-Schönlein purpura

I had this in fourth grade in December 2014! You will get a bunch of red dots on your body (specifically your lower parts) and it's dangerous if you're an a adult, luckily I got it when I was still a child but I was only lucky! - darthvadern

47 Nephrotic Syndrome

Immune system attacks the kidneys and causes them to fail. Immunosuppressants to stop it and it keeps re-occuring for years and years. Oh and fun fact; 1st transplant has a 50% success rate
2nd transplant has a 90% failure rate

48 Anthrax
49 Minamata Disease

Extremely deadly disease caused by mercury poisoning. Originated in Japan. It damages the nervous system, brain, and various body functions. Weakness, severe tremor, speech/vision impairment are some of the symptoms of the disease. Affects animals consisting of mostly cats and other domestic animals. This disease was not caused by parasites, viruses, fungi, or bacteria; it was caused by mercury spills and toxic waste/chemicals on water which eventually affected fish and other sea life, later consumed by nearby locals the disease came on humans. Fortunately, only 2,000+ patients were affected by the disease but more than half a fraction have died during the outbreak. - illusion

50 Ischemic Heart Disease

A very deadly disease fairly common at middle age adults and the elderly. Reduced blood flow due to the narrowing of the arteries; can cause an instant death when untreated. - illusion

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