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India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world. Its capital is New Delhi. Some other major cities are Mumbai, Chennai, and Ahemdabad. more.


Just because they have problems with pakistan they target muslims in their own country for it racial profiling against one of the biggest actors in their country aka shahrukh khan is really sadnening plus their are people who are born on streets and die on streets and they don't even care

India should be at number one hated country cause the people, their attitude towards women, their lifestyle everything is so allergic and filthy. Hate Indians the most.

Filthy, filthy, filthy. They hate one another and are very selfish and self-righteous. Horrible caste system. Corrupted and the newly-rich are so insecure about their newfound status that they need to keep showing off or display a superior complex especially when they work overseas. They never help to build up their own country but keep taking advantage of other countries' generosity.

They are blind to think they are a superpower and are more advanced than China, which is not weak in almost all. They keep raping the women in their country so they can be the most populated country in the world. They think they can fight America, which is the ONLY superpower now on Earth. They think they could fight against China/America all alone by theirselves. They think they have great military technologies which is pure Indians but is clearly bought from either US, Russia or Germany, Japan, they are blind!

1.4 billion bad people, with an evil, offensive, insulting, unfriendly, unhygienic, cunning, sly, shy, ignorant, arrogant, argumentative, threatening, dangerous, strict, ignorant, overcrowded, over-corrupt, narrow-minded and conservative-minded mindset. Indian's cannot communicate softly, compassionately and calmly, and are impatient people. If you are divorced or have any kind of health condition or disability, Indian's always treat you like an outcast/social leper, even if you share the same ethnic group as them.

India never help poor people from poor places. I've seen people seeking for help from the doctors and specialists, but none of them are willing to help the poor people. Not even the governments are helping the poor in India, so that's why India is poor. I'm in England, and it's much better than India, the government are always willing to help everyone. I've never actually been to India, but I always hear people talking negative opinions about India.

Worst country on planet earth. show off level is 100% but the truth is they poop in roads

They hate all other people except one who are same race. they think they are smartest people and India is most powerful country. they think they are uber-Asian. so they look down on other Asian. But in fact India is still colony of england. they are dull and lazy. they lie every time but they can not realize it is lie. they are too stupid but arrogant. so they lie too much and they are happy only in their lie.

People are smelly and dirty. They are arrogant and boastful and full of themselves. They make their own rules and expects everyone to go with it. I Am glad I wasn't born there because I pity the women and their crappy rules towards them

India is the dirtiest country in the world. This is a fact. 80% of the population defecates in open due to lack of toilets. India has finally achieved another number 1 in its path to super power status which is new delhi is most populated city in world which causes human skin to turn black. Why is India to busy protecting rights of their mother cow and banning beef slaughter when innocent Christians, Muslims, sihks, and low caste hindoos are being murdered on a daily basis?

Indis is a corrupted country. Poverty, flood, illiterate lots of problem there but they show their just like a first world nation. Indian people dies for hunger and poverty but they don't care even they spent huge money every year in army.

I hate India because of their people.. They very cheap minded...

India sucks. Always thinks they are everything and they are beauty and every country is worst. They are idiots. Years ago they burn the girls and women and they clean their home with cows meat and worshiped them. If Muslims wont go into their country to capture their country. They will be doing this forever and forever. Still there is not respect for girls and women but better the prvius time.

Very cunning nation. Selfish, dirty people, bad nation and...

Every single citizen of south Asia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan hate India very very much.

Moral level is very low and different.

India, cannot save itself anymore. Please press the self-destruct button and consign yourself to the History books and take your rubbish Bollywood films and your evil culture with you.

They are all scared of India. as they realizing that in the future India can kick their ass.

India is the most corrupt, un reliable country. They call themselves as a secular nation but the fact is that Indians killed thousands of innocent Sikhs, Muslims and other minorities in India simply because they are not Hindu
They killed thousands of people in Pakistan by bomb bloat and blame that is a terrorist nation but the fact is that Pakistan is effected by India and RAW is involved in bomb bloat

I'm sorry but a country in which they use one hand to clean their anus after defecating and the other hand to eat is off my list of places to visit. I'm pretty sure many people forget sometimes and prepare food with the wrong hand therefore spreading disease. - Traveller

Racists to the core and majority are dirty and perverted

Worst Asian country. Most racist country. Full of poverty. They support terrorism in Pakistan. They don't treat their muslims well

Indian's, treat the disabled, divorced, widows and widowers very poorly.

Too many stray dogs. They should all be killed. One of my friends visited India and it killed him. India, is a Terrorist State and supports Anglo-American Israeli terrorism on the world and purchases Weapons of Mass Destruction from the USA, Israel and the UK (who all are racist enemies of India).

We are not blind, those fellows are saying these mischief words about our India they are blind

All I can say is this country has the most arrogant people.. I meet a lot of them and it seems like its in part of their nature to be arrogant.