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Indonesia, officially the Republic of Indonesia, is a country in Southeast Asia. Ruled by the Dutch for over 300 years and Japan for 3 years and 6 months, the country gained independence in 1945, or exactly in 17th August 1945. Jakarta is the capital city, located in the island of Java. Major languages more.


Their people have anger problems. Always try to pick a fight. Stagnant mind. Pickpockets are everywhere in the streets of Jakarta and Surabaya. Over proud with their histories which sadly meaningless to what they are today. They might have great sound of histories but the way they behave are not suppose reflected to their "great" history. Their 3rd class mind of mentality, I mean they littering, smokes, pee and even poop everywhere they want. They often overreact to certain issues especially about their neighbouring countries. - RaulGarcia

MEANINGLESS? WHAT MEANINGLESS? We learned from that histories that of we want to be one, we can. INDONESIA IS NOT LIKE THAT. - Unknown2

They're so jealous of Singapore and Malaysia's successful achievement. think again, who gave you all those donations and help during tsunami and volcano explosion. and all these Indonesian people that living in our country. ruining our country's image with your bad behavior

I'm sure you donated a lot of money to Indonesia and also the cause of your country's success.

All the comments already represents mine. As one of the local, I can't stop agreeing with the ugly facts in ny country. I hate my own community of muslims who discriminate other people who are not muslims while we're told to never do that, but they do it because of them being superior. I have many friends who are non muslims and with many other cultures, and we get along well just fine. We're the one who peace-loving and tolerant are overshadowed with those who uneducated about their own religion. I feel sorry saying this to my own country but corruption and racism case are disgusting..

I disagree any point to exclude Bali. I stay in Bali and I say that it's all just the same but in different faces. They may seem nice to any foreign visitor, but it's just the cloak. Under the skin they share the same traits as their Indonesian counterparts -- the same stupid, rude and ignorant bastards at the core. They love to mock and laugh at you but they get easily offended and angered. It's already part of their culture. They chase your money and will rip you off once they get the chance to. - curionz

If racism in Indonesia is erased I will love Indonesia a bit...

They are just dirty uncivilized citizen, that's why I hate Indonesian

I'm over it! I'm not sure if its truely friendly like everyone says, or is it just a mask of rudness. Everyone stares at you like they have never seen someone not local. They laugh at you, mock you and ask always questions they shouldn't and if your a girl its even worse. If you can travel with a male friend and always just say he is your husband. Since you don't blend in you become an instant target! They assume you are loaded so they always try to get money out of you. This leads to corruption. Also on that note, they don't know anything, when you ask them 'why' for anything, they don't know. The best people just tell you I don't know, the worst just make up any answer they want which leads you to not be able to trust anything anyone says to you. 95% off all information you will get is wrong! Another thing is they think they are the best country in the world and that everything is wonderful, and the Muslim areas brag that their women are equals, when in fact they still are not ...more

Indonesia is a country that is very bad, because people can not speak English, when I went to Malaysia, only a few people who can not speak English I prefer to Malaysia, I love Malaysia... I from France

Are you remember the holocaust in 1998? Many Chinese are raped and killed by Indonesia people.

Corruption is everywhere! Money is their God Yahweh

Great country, great foods, worst over-religious people in the world who will preach all the time. Stop shoving the "majority" religion to the others please. - wackonicko

They love to claim everything (food, culture, language) is theirs. They are the best actors or should I say hypocrites. Loves to create wars with other Asian countries like Malaysia for instance.

Most of them are OVER EXCITED about their 'culture' or whatever 'traditional thing'. Other country's culture like Saudi Arabia also being own by another country but the Arabia are not angry at all. They always say theirs being claim by other country but they also claim or copycat the another country too.

Most Indonesians are proud but arrogant people. They always think their the best at everything when most of the time they're not. Their education system and politics encourages them to hate and discriminate minorities and foreign countries. Because of their bad education system, indonesians are narrow minded, easily provoked and easily lied to by their government. Corruption is high because morality is low and that the goverment just don't care to improve.

Not just typical thieves... they will slay you for even a dollar... the wealth is of high contrast between the people. Yes there are also many nice humble ones, food's good, 2nd most corrupt after the Philipigs!

I hate to live in this country. Because the recent generation. Indonesia was better during soekarno era but not soeharto and now is no better at all

What a bunch of two faced cry baby's, they say and do what they like to other country's but when its said or done to them they act like they are holier than thou... DISGUSTING AND CORRUPT GOVERNMENT!

Please, just try to live in here. Poor government, strict rules about lot of things like clothes (what's wrong with them seriously? ) how to act, racism toward Chinese, woman blamer for every kind of act, definitely an anti-feminist country. It's like you're living in 19th century useless and stupid norms everywhere

Completely lie. It's been 16 years after political reform in Indonesia. I live here and there is no such a thing like that. Everything is so peaceful. Especially Gili Island (just next to Bali). It is a paradise. If you don't like Indonesia, go away. Anyway, I'm a feminist too. And I love living in Indonesia.

Indonesia is the most welcome country for foreigners.
In fact, many Indonesian idolize foreigners, I.E. Japanese, Indian (refers to a country in south Asia) due too many Bollywood movies in this country, and off course white people (the most beautiful creatures in Indonesian's mind) due to Hollywood movies and American or European bands influence.
This is also third largest democracy country and the economic growth is fantastic, a good place for invest your money, and everything here is cheap.
What else do you expect from this country? Good place, many beautiful islands (if you love diving or surfing this place is one of the best), and good for business too.
This is so true, because I've been living in Japan for 10 years, and now it's been 15 years. I'm living in Indonesia as a businessman. And I'm half Indonesian half Japanese. compare Japan with Indonesia is a hard decision for me, but if I have to choose, definitely I'll choose Indonesia.
I also open one cafe in ...more

Who said that!? Indonesia is awesome! At least we have many natural resources

They're greedy. Just see how Indonesia took Acheh's source just to see Jakarta as one of the progressive town and how come they're kind when majority of them bash Malaysia? Claim their song is them when many of Indonesia work as maid in Malaysia just to search money. Ungrateful country - P-ja

Lol, I came from Indonesia and even I kinda hate this country. The people here aren't very nice I suppose? There's a lot of thieves and stuff.. but other than that, meh, it's okay

Well most of Indonesians is kinda bad but trust me not every Indonesians is bad

I'm Indonesian, for your info not all Indonesians rude or stupid there's a ongoing civil war between the newcomers and indegenous, not by force but most of us hated each other because too many racism and etc as a Indonesian I kind of hate this country

Not all Indonesians are stupid arogant painfull in the ass only most of them but few of them are nice man but maany people in here are just porn maniac gross