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Japan is an island country in East Asia in the Pacific Ocean. It lies off the eastern coast of the Asia Mainland (east of China, Korea, Russia) and stretching from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and near Taiwan in the southwest. ...read more.


Many foreigners believe Japanese to be polite and those sad foreigners are the same kind of people to judge a book by its cover. They are also more likely to judge a person by their looks and clothes.

Japan being a small island country (compared to say Australia it is very small) means that there is no where for someone to go or hide.

Also the stiff and steep hierarchical structure of the society means that you have be respectful to elders and people with power (not much different from Korea in that respect but Korea wasn't that severe historically, that culture was brought over by Japan during their colonization of Korea). Combining that with slavery and a strict social caste means that a Japanese in the old days would have to be very careful on how he/she acts or else be found having disrespected someone.

Therefore society has adapted to such conditions by artificially creating an atmosphere of politeness and friendliness on the outside. Because not being polite ...more

I'm not writing to prove you all wrong since we all have our opinions along with our sins and all, but I agree yet disagree with you all.
Yes, Japanese animations, technology, food and entertainment are popular. Yet they are rude, arrogant, jealous, narrow minded, low self confidence yet they charmingly made us sing with them by their songs of encouragement and hope.

Koreans are no better.

The difference is that in entertainment, Koreans sing adult themes like lust, passion, seduction, the like while Japanese opt for more heart warming love that brings warmth and pain in the mix.
Okay, no straying from the subject.
Yes, many people have errors in their personalities but that just proves that we are human and we can never be molded into perfection no matter how many times we break the clay and shape ourselves again.
Things I degrade them for:
1. Lack of modesty
Who actually wears masochistic torture lingerie as your outfit of the day for your photo shoot ...more

Japanese people are the kindest and nicest people you could ever meet, they are loyal, and they did bad stuff in WWII, but so America did (America massacred over 500'000 Japanese Civilians, Japan only killed 3000 American Civilians).

So the Chinese civilians aren't part of your consideration? Oh wait, I forgot Chinese people aren't humans in the eyes of whites

LOL okay this is really funny. I think the person that made this is a Japanese person. Because South Korea is NOT the most hated Asian country. HAHA no offense but whoever made this is really stupid and they should get a life and South Korea is the least hated Asian country so DEAL with it

I don't really care if they commit any crimes or kill any people in the history. The most important thing is they are unable to welcome important tourists. Instead of stare at people, or hiding real feelings, spreading trash information, I see honesty as the most important ingredient being hated or not. It's very complicated, while I like their bow culture, but positive times negative is equal to negative, so if there is something bad, the overall impression... will be bad easily

We filipinos don't hate Japan despite on what they did to our country. Move on to those who hate Japan for their past crimes and besides Japan did apologized!

I only vote to comment. Japanese may have done horrible things in the past, but they actually did give a huge amount of apology money to South Korea, which the Korean Government hid. The citizens have done nothing wrong and you should blame the higher ranks(excluding the emperor, he didn't want war) for starting the war. They were attacked by Russia soon after the atomic bombs without war permission. Isn't the atomic bombs enough payback for the atrocities they committed? Millions of citizens died, including many, many children.

Japan is suck! Despite their kinda great culture, I hate them. They are pretty cold, unfriendly, too arrogant and having dirty mind. Can't deny that they are polite, intelligent and respectful, but hell, they just try to pretend to be nice.

How in the world is the most racist, intellectually behind nation does not even make number 5 on the list. Prime minister Abe and his cabinet fabricate Japanese history and culture. We can see that Japan has brainwashed their younger generations that the comfort women never happened, that Dokdo is Japanese land. We can see that the Japanese government is clearly corrupted and must be replaced. The Japanese government must apologize to Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and most of all to their own citizens for lying and fabricating their history. Before somebody calls me racist, I would like to say that I do not hate the Japanese citizens, I only hate the governement.

They are very mean and they start the World War Two and there mean to every one and they shouldn't start the war world two and that why they lose two land of spot and there very ugly and in movies or manga or comic book they keep showing the girls breast or it whole body and it always put the girl with big breast not like other country and when they make sushi the meat is like not cooked probably and the pretty girl there might did a surgrey to make it prettier and younger and to make it eyes bigger while it a tiny tiny little eyes.

They say you are beautiful or you are kind etc but at the back they say bad things about you. I especially hated when they say bad things with other Japanese making me as a foreigner even more left out.

I hate when they say they created kanji which is a Chinese characters. Actually it's from China why you deny it?

I have personally visited and lived in Japan. Don't let media images fool you. They are just as chauvinistic, racist and close-minded about other races/cultures/nationalities as any you find elsewhere. I went out of my way to spit and dirty the public places. Very small pay back.

In the "Most hated Countries", Japan is number 2 on that list...not surprising...I think the other Asian countries (basically China & South Korea) who were up-voted by the trolls got revenge by putting Japan as the top 3 on that list just to get back at the trolls

They think they are the most superior Asians. They really looked down on other Asians even their same east Asians. I felt that while in Japan.

I hate when they say they occupied other Asian countries to make that country protected from western power? Blah blah blah. Just seen as justifying their war crimes to me.

Although I love some Japanese products, I can't say I like Japan Governments. There are good Japanese people that I like, but the government is just disgusting.

Japanese people committed many countless atrocities in world war 2 towards their neighbours in Asia and flagrantly deny it till today. They never learn from their mistakes and now they are on the warpath again. You think Nazi Germany is bad, this is worse.

Japanese think they are the most superior Asian, I even saw their comments during Asian cup saying their teams should join with the Europeans rather than with Asian countries. But they failed in quarterfinals eventually during Asian cup lol

Please realize you are being brainwashed yourselves by your government and feel shame for what you've done in the past. Learn from Germany.

I hated them when they tried to fix our American history books. Just fabricate your own country's book! How dare you tried to touch ours! Geez!

Hate Japan for not admitting what they did and acting so humble and kind which is a lie

Perverted, perverted and perverted.

I feel like the only reason why Korea and China are on the top is because of ignorant Japanese people. They consistently think that Dokdo is Japanese territory. Japan's leader is angry at South Korea after there is protests about a statue placed in their embassy! Are you kidding me, you are bringing back dark memories and expect no harsh feelings? Stop cursing Asian countries that are nicer than you

Japanese people can't take any criticism of their country or culture..