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The Philippines was established in March 16, 1521 and named in honor of a Spanish King whose name is King Philip of Spain II. It is located at Asia, specifically at Southeast Asia. The capital is Manila. 89% of the people there currently are native, while 11% of people there are foreigners.


A proud race that likes to think themselves as "perfect people", they are constantly blaming on others when they do wrong and then strongly condems those who makes mistakes

We don't think we're perfect dude, the "proud to be pinoy" thing that some filipino say means we are not ashamed being filipino despite discrimination that we got from other race... And i, even I'm a filipino I didn't say proud to be pinoy even once in my life, not because I'm ashamed to be filipino, it's because I'm a reserve person and I always shut my mouth so less talk less mistake... Don't generalize a race just because of some... All countries have good and bad people... ALL COUNTRIES...

Hey are you perfect and don't make mistakes to judge filipinos like that? Before you point your finger to others make sure your finger is clean... However, while pointing one of your finger to us, the rest fingers are pointing at you... Racist!

And you? Who do do you think you are? Is your post not condemning filipinos who makes mistakes? You are the one who's pretending to be perfect here... Before you point your finger to others make sure you are perfect...

Highly insecure people, always comparing what they have/don't have with other Filipinos. Always trying to bring other people down to their level to compensate for the fact they can't get what others have. They always get the notion that "they are better than everybody" else, and they will probably die with that in their minds, so put that on your grave. I know a few Filipina women who were born outside the the Philippines and they are actually act way more educated compared to the ones who were born in the Philippines. Those ones born in the Philippines are the same ones who are give you that flirty smile and can't keep their legs shut before marriage.

There are scams, greed, and rudeness in other countries, but this one has taken to the new level. Before you said "not all Pinoy represents this" I agree, however. About 80-90% of the people that I met in Phillipines seems really nice to me at first in, but in certain places. They are just hypocrites. Envy, wrath, pride and dishonesty makes the worsen ones than who is honest without a gift or perhaps, worthless ones. Love the place, dislike the community as a form of frequents. This pride won't make you a better person no matter how perfect, talented and gifted you are. Such a beautiful place are ruined by one manner. Yes there are poverty and there are lack of education, but other country have their imperfection too. But one more I say, I love Phillipines but dislike the pride. Although I saw statistically talking that most of the community are religious. Hypocrispy, pride and avarice is your almighty god instead. Learn to actually have virtue Phillipines. And then the possible ...more

Walking on streets in this country is not possible gor a foreigner. Ever filipino thinks that a black or brown foreigner stinks.. They feel a smell like dog or goat is coming from them.. And yes I agree they are very much self proud and think themselves as Perfect people.

I voted to comment. I don't think this lovely country should be here. Their corrupt government isn't a valid reason at all to hate the whole nation itself. You're all naive! Yes, it's quite overpopulated and overpulated. But it's just in Manila because it's the capital and opportunities are there. Try to visit provinces and you'll fall in love woth this country even more. I could say that people here are so cheerful, loving, and caring that you'll also feel like you're home. Palawan is my favorite, it's a hidden paradise indeed. You shouldn't be judging the whole nation just because you went to a certain place. Explore more and you'll see the true beauty of the Philippines and its countrymen.

Filipinos are happy people. Warm, loving, out-going, friendly and they are very supportive towards fellow Filipinos and that is what I love about them they are overall beautiful people and I can not see what there is to hate about the Philippines. Poverty is definitely not a reason, it is not the fault of the Filipino people that they are suffering from poverty and it is just very immature to use poverty as an excuse to hate this beautiful country.

We agree that our government is corrupt but as far as I'm concerned, all politicians are corrupt. And you say our food tastes bad? Guess what? we have different cultures therefore, our food preference are different. And don't just say that our country is overpolluted and overpopulated, because as far as I know, its only 1 place that is overpolluted and overpopulated and that is our capital, try to visit our provinces, maybe that will change all of your opinions. We are not racist you know why? because we don't treat foreigners who lives here differently unlike you outsiders, who look at other colors disgustingly. So, instead of writing hates about other countries which you don't even know the history, try to study your own history, maybe that will keep you busy.

I'm filipino and this "Proud to be pinoy etc" comments are SO ANNOYING THAT IT GETS WAY OUT OF HAND TO OTHERS

Ok, first I need to say I'm not saying this to all Pinoys. Second, I have read through this list so far, from South Korea to Malaysia to Syria, and I have noticed that a lot of pinoys comment back at your comment. No other country on this list does that at nearly every comment. Why must you be so arrogant? What is so great? Are you the only country with nice scenery? Food? People? Be humble. Then a Pinoy will comment on my comment " every country has good and bad people and ups and downs" Sure, I understand that. But, stop living in your own world. There are many countries better than you. Please accept the cruel truth.

A country full of extremely emotional people with excessive estrogen issues.

I rarely see bad people here, but when I do, they are in a whole different level of rudeness, selfishness and untaught manners.

In malaysia, filipino and indonesia woman work as maids lol so inferior, no dignity and very incompetent

If you say stuff about us Filipinos then we'll say stuff back it's what we do we defend our country. To everyone out there saying phillipines is gross take a look in a mirror before saying that. If you've been to the beaches it's amazing. If you ask a filipino if they eat dog and say no they are most likely telling the truth. Rasict people. If you don't know what we've been through don't talk about us.

True... Most people who posted hate posts here are so blind to see their own flaws, acting like they are sinless and very clean, and they judge filipinos like they never make mistakes and their country is 100% perfect, 0% crime rate, sinless, 100% very clean that even a single piece of germ doesn't exist in their country and their people are saints...

They suck at DotA 2 and speak in their own language in an obviously international game. Why even fight in a game? All that pinoy pride makes them look worse.

Most of them are keyboard warrior in the internet.

Filipinos are great people talented smart and beautiful if it weren't for their government

Only thing that sucks in this country for real is Imperial Manila... The Tagalog imperialism in that nation is killing it.

The people are rude, their food sucks!

Philippine is a great place. most of the filipino people are hospitable, fun loving

A lot of people who think that having good English speaking skill is the better than other nations in Asia.
Japan doesn't really need to use English in order to be a developed country.

Government is corrupt and run by thugs. Country is filthy and full of thieves and savages. They eat dogs. They will rob and kidnap your kids if you're family has money. Guys all drink heavily and sing bad karaoke to 80s music.

I don't think all filipino peoples are like that.. and if there's is someone, just a "sorry" for their behavior..

Their president is the clearly the Donald Trump of Asia or worse!

Miserable &unconfident people trying to get their revenge only on the Internet with some dumb made-up stories about other countries. Such a disgrace

"Top of the Pops" for corruption...its in the blood and worse still, babies were born with siblings of many pigs!