Most Hated College Football Coaches

The Top Ten
1 Nick Saban

They hate him because he wins

2 Urban Meyer
3 Lane Kiffin
4 Steve Spurrier Stephen Orr "Steve" Spurrier is an American football player and coach. Spurrier was a Heisman Trophy winning college football quarterback at the University of Florida and spent a decade playing professionally in the National Football League.

He is the most outrageous coach in history. He has absolutely zero class, and he wasn't paraded like a saint in Carolina, they might realize that he is an idiot.

5 Willie Taggart
6 Phillip Fullmer
7 Les Miles
8 Bobby Petrino
9 Houston Nutt
10 Mac Brown
The Contenders
11 Jim Tressel
12 Butch Jones
13 Paul ''Bear'' Byrant

Only because people hate his succsess - Alexgreenberg42

14 Joe Paterno
15 Woody Hayes
16 Chip Kelly
17 Jimmy Johnson
18 Barry Switzer
19 Todd Graham

Ditched the pitt panthers after I year to go to Arizona pitt went 6-6 anyway so he sucked

20 Paul Hackett

His name still can't be spoken in the coliseum.

21 Greg Schiano
22 Charlie Strong
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