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21 Vanderbilt Commodores Vanderbilt Commodores

They act like they will win the conference every year, but we all kno wthat won't happen.

22 West Virginia Mountaineers West Virginia Mountaineers

Worst fans in college football they even attacked LSU fans at a game

It's not like they have been good throughout their history it's just the fans.

They don't belong in the big 12

Sports illistrated even said that wvu fans are the worst behaved and meanest out of all college football programs

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23 Texas A&M

Okay so... As an unbiased fan of Alabama, I believe the Texas A&M fans are classy, nice, and always make sure you have a place to eat in College Station. Their fans show none other than class and as an unbiased opinion I think that yes the A&M fans have faith in their team no matter what, but who doesn't think their school is the best? Just because they beat your team doesn't make them cocky.

Not only is the fan base a bunch of jerks but the team plays dirty! They don't even win that many yet their fans still say their team is better than yours. Oh and when they went to Sec that didn't help their big heads. Worst football team ever! How is this team not the most hated?

24 University of Utah

The Student Section of the Utah Utes are the worst. They are ruthless, they will constantly start fights, Love to troll BYU fans on social media. BYU Rocks!

They are Classless, Bullies. They Start fights with BYU Fans. The Utes Suck!

Utes rock

25 Oregon Ducks Oregon Ducks The Oregon Ducks are the athletic teams that represent the University of Oregon, a public flagship research university located in Eugene, Oregon.

Zero National Championships yet they trash talk as if they have one.
Overly-flashy and stupid uniforms

26 Kentucky

They always say they will. Beat so and so but they never do cause they suck.

27 University of Mississippi V 1 Comment
28 Wisconsin Badgers Wisconsin Badgers

"Going for two when up by 70 is not cool

29 University of Virginia
30 Arizona Wildcats Arizona Wildcats

These are hatted becase these fans are trash talkers and bragger's

31 Syracuse Orange Syracuse Orange
32 Virginia Tech Hokies Virginia Tech Hokies

Worst fans no doubt, "bury the u next to joes fernandez rip" whoever did that deserves death

33 UCLA Bruins UCLA Bruins

Need I say more?

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