Pros& Cons of Countries


The government sucks. They are shameless and cannot say one simple word "sorry" to countries that they've colonized, attacked, demolished, ruined. Please, have some conscience.

BUT the food I would have to say.... Japanese cuisine is the BEST Asian cuisine in my personal opinion.

South Korea

People are way too judgmental about others. Like... stop talking, would ya?

BUT on the other hand, I do have some South Korean friends and they are very generous and they have a lot of sympathy for others. I feel that they like to give a lot..... which is sometimes even burdensome.


Smells...... that's the biggest thing. The people smell the food smell and the whole country smells in general. I never met a Chinese who washed his/her hair everyday. Maybe just maybe if they're not busy, every OTHER day. Oh and they are very arrogant people. They like to cheat off of you, especially when it comes to money. Oh and if they see an Asian, they automatically think that they're one of their kind..... hello? China's big.. sure.. but you're not the only one on the planet. Also, they play with ya food!!!!!!!! Like.... you're selling those products to OTHER countries. BAM

BUT, make almost everything there is.

United States

Arrogant, thinks they are the best in the world but it's actually they WERE.

BUT they put patients' lives before the money (unlike Chinese and Korean hospitals where money comes before patient) and pretty cities AND!!!!!! I didn't meet an American who SMELLED. Good enough.


+Very clean and neat, polite people, hard workers, high living standard, productive media, high quality products.
-Corrupt governments stealing territories, many Japanese don't want to admit their history, ugly customized cars, people are too serious and competitive in certain things.

South korea
+Heritage, industrial products, sense of respect, relatively clean, Kpop music, philosophy.
-People tend to be straight forward, definitely not on the top 10 friendlist countries in the world, some can be rude (Not rude intentionally, but naturally rude).

North Korea
+Interesting monuments, unique.
-Humanitarian issues, lack of freedom.

+Very rich culture and heritage, unique foods, friendly people.
-Some can be rude (But most are not), too much honks on the driving.

+Living standard is considerably good, interesting industrial products, beautiful nature, friendly to foreigners.
-Can be too humid sometimes, nasty insects (Some are dangerous too), rude drivers.

+Some kind people, beautiful landscapes, beautiful culture, funny accent.
-Too many motorcycles. Some can be rude

+First class hospitality to Caucasians, exotic funny culture (Both the heirtage and the modern culture), exotic food with rich taste.
-Asians get a second class hospitality, very rude to children, not safe.

People Republic of China
+Diversity, lots of places to visit, extremely rich culture and food, cheap electronics with descent quality (That is, if you find the right ones).
-Mandarin accent, pollution, some humanitarian problems, communism, corrupt governments, territorial issues, copyright issues, too diverse that it lacks a consistent ideology, some territories of the place has rude people, many poorly educated people who are new to the modern world, some can be extremely obsessed with their country.

Hong Kong
+Generally clean, stylish people, East meets West, historical places, very pedestrian friendly, highly advanced, discipline people (The real Chinese Hong Kongers, not the Chinese immigrants), movies, the lights at night, comic books, high class city.
-Many poorly educated immigrants from People Republic of China, pollution recently coming from People Republic of China, very humid at the summer.

+Heritage places, casinos.
-Too small.

+Beautiful, diverse and rich in culture, pretty good living standard, exotic accent.
-Scams, cultural ownership issues with other South East Asian countries.

+First class hospitality to the caucasians, some very kind people, very diverse and rich culture, foods.
-Some can be rude, anti social driving behaviour (Especially in places that are far from the urbanized area), some places can be extremely dirty (Especially the urbanized areas), annoying accent in the news, too obsessed with their country (Loving your country is good but being too obsessed is just annoying).

+Kind people.
-Very dirty, drivers can be impatient (But not too rude).

Sri Lanka
+Genuinely kind and friendly people, beautiful landscapes and gardens, foods.
-A bit too poor.

+Some people are very friendly, lots of great singers, foods, beaches, party.
-Unsafe, the rudest people I've met in my life (Both in person and on the internet) are Filipinos, rude driver, too crowded.

+Peaceful, calm, heritage buildings.
-Extremely boring.

+Beautiful, friendly to tourist, bicycle friendly, green, clean.
-Some of them are too ignorant, floods, locals tend to be rude towards each other (But not to tourists).

+Honest and discipline people, high living standard, advanced, hard workers, perfectionist.
-Lack the sense of humor, can be too serious sometimes.

United Kingdom
+Media, history, first class humanitarian, heritage, highly educated people.
-Dull weather, too multicultural, some can be too close minded and arrogant.

+Beauty in every aspects.
-Messy drivers, some can be arrogant.

+Job space, heritage.
-(Don't know yet)

+Artistic country, sensational foods, friendly people, very intimidating products.
-Scams, talking too loud, some can be very rude, too much corruption, racism, over ambitious drivers.

+Lovely culture, exciting people, Greek philosophies.
-crazy drivers, racism.

-Anti social drivers, high suicide percentage, rude people, dull weather.

+Military power, some friendly people, heritage places, history.
-Some people are very rude, not safe. - visitor

Such an awesome place to live. I know myself. Haha, it's such a peaceful country and it's beautiful no matter what province or city you visit. The people r always friendly and will always spark a convo, even the immigrants.

We r like quite quiet sometimes. We aren't all out like New York or L.A. Our holidays are pretty... Quiet, not loud and big - visitor

False. - visitor

The USA has no redeeming qualities. - visitor