China Isn't That Bad

Actually, we're not that bad, it just depends on where you go in China. If you go to the north where it's more industrious it is very likely that you will be met with people who don't really like you, because over 140 years ago how you are disliking us, is the exact way we dislike you, with all the European imperialism going on their with burnings and rapes and all.

The history is still strong in their memory and the history is still fresh. But still their are many people who will greet you there. IN the south it does get a little better with less people, you know, bad and stuff. But whats really I can see especially as a Canadian and a westerner why you would hate China. With the opium forcibly sold by the British to the Chinese many and MILLIONS of people got addicted and when they traveled west to America and Canada and all they brought there habits with them. Today I can see that's what paints their picture. In modern day I know with all the rumors and facts that you don't like them, but for example. Say theirs some one from Tahiti and he's really really mean. And say theirs another person from Tahiti who is really really nice. What if you meet the person who's really mean first. What is your impression of him? Then say you meet the really really nice person from Tahiti. On first impressions he told you he was Tahitin. Would you still have the image of the really mean one painted on this one? See guys you can't paint a picture with black. Don't judge one person and make your judgement on a billion.

I know that this comment might get some dislikes and all but you got to understand this. I'm no communist or Chinese nationalist but at least take a different point of you and observe. You can't paint a picture if you only have one colour.


China isn't bad - the government of china is. - Therater2

Nope, government isn't bad.
Because they never invade other country, they never bomb other country, despite themselves are bigest country.
Unlike USA! - visitor

I know. People are do prejudiced here... They think Chinese go around saying Ming min pang pong. - CityGuru

I don't think china is bad, every country and races has bad and good people, just because some ignorant and racist foreigner met some bad people in china, then it makes them think that china is bad. in fact china has a lot of charity organization too.
By the way, I'm indonesian not china.
But foreigner esp westerners likes to prejudice, in fact whites has evil men too likes nazi, george w bush, vlad dracula and many mores. - visitor

The gov is not bad they rise the economy up make us not like india! - visitor

China is not bad at all. - visitor

Dude, China may be not SO BAD but it is impossible to say that a country is not bad AT ALL. - visitor

China is not a bad country, china didn't invade any single country in history, chinese people are peaceful people unlike the american and japanese - visitor

China isn't a bad country, but some western people are prejudice! - visitor

China people are wonderful, but can't wait to get rid of government. - visitor

The entire list itself is stupid. - visitor

China has a great government and the economy is blooming, and the people are also good. - yatharthb