Sick of People Bashing Indonesia

Okay, you know what? I am so sick of you all bashing this country. I'm an Indonesian and I lived here for my whole life. I completely disagree with a LOT with what you're all saying. Yeah, I admit, a lot of Indonesians are uneducated and rude, but try putting yourself in these people's own shoes. You know why these people beg for money? They're poor. Why are a lot of people uneducated? They're poor. Our local dishes are fried because, again, a lot of us are poor. Garbage is thrown in the river because it's either the garbage bins are way too full, or we can't reach it, or there's not even a garbage bin. And the traffic? You have no idea how many times I've been late to school because of this. You don't think WE don't like the traffic? I saw this comment about the ghost belief about the Tuyul. Excuse me, but we only use that belief to scare children to encourage them to be good. And I've never heard anyone even say that word since, I don't know, FOUR YEARS AGO. Dangdut music is what a lot of the local people like. LET THEM LIKE WHAT THEY WANT. They're enjoying it.

"The country needs a serious change with the education". PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE STRICT THE TEACHERS ARE MEAN. Really mean. Prostitution? Never heard of prostitution in Indonesia before. Just because our nation is mostly Muslim doesn't mean there's so many terrorists. TERRORISTS, RAPISTS, KIDNAPPERS, AND MURDERERS CAN BE ANYWHERE. Not just here!

I saw another comment saying we think we have the most beautiful women. What the heck? No. I have NEVER heard someone say this in my country, EVER. Yes, some people brag about it, but not all of us do. You have no idea what it's like to be called "the ugliest race in Asia". You do NOT judge people by ugliness. What matters is the inside. A lot of the people here are funny and nice. A lot.

By the way, the fried noodles here are good. Just saying'.


I am surprised that you can talk about indonesia nowadays without mentioning "The act of Killing" from Robert Oppenheimer. I have never been in Indonesia, but I am fascinated and intrigued by a culture where shame and conscience is so totally absent. It is the only country in the world where mass murders are applauded, where thugs can shamelessly extort their victims in full view of the camera. What is wrong with Indonesia, the rest of the world now wonders. Indonesia needs collectively to travel the path that Anwar Congo did individually in the movie. And it needs to look in the mirror, real real long and hard. - visitor

It happened in Suharto era. And starting from there, corruption spread. - visitor

Everybody/Everyone have a think what can do make you happy. I think poor people/stupid people what you are think. They are smart. They love using bicycle/motorcycle or even a car but with not much oil a little cc of engine. Its not like in arab or usa one person everywhere with thousand cc big car. About cigarete yes we are many smoker but don't forget history it is not we are made in the past. There was netherland making smoke culture. About chinese riot is about economy crisis. Cause many corruption is indo chinese in that era like edi tanzil with much money outside of indonesia. Many of indonesian corruptor runaway to singapore (malay city country with chinese majority). And protected by them. About we are can't get up from techonology we are try so many times. But the country like japan. Usa. Uk (WTO. IMF) don't want indonesia strong and maked brand with international market. What if many country all produced and who will buy they (wto. Imf) product - visitor

Everyone is poor... No offense, but how can you afford a computer then? - CityGuru

From internet cafe? - visitor

From internet cafe? - visitor

You think everybody in this country is poor as Angola well no, computers were achieved by the middle class and the upper class
So you can't just say people can't afford computers - CerealGuy

Yes, you are right.
Indonesia is muslim country but doesn't mean a terrorist country.
Indonesia has never invades other country,
We indonesian maybe stupid, uneducated, corruption country but
Compare to other country, ours are better.
At least we didn't discriminates woman.

From : indonesia - visitor

I'm agree, I never think we have most beautiful woman.
A lot of my friend wished they have Eroupe/Korean face.

Yes, we maybe stupid, uneducated, corrupt, rude, but we can change. And we are still smiling, no matter how bad this country. Maybe it'll be hard work to change this country, but it's harder to stay smiling in this condition.

The question now, why are we poor? Whose fault is this?
Foreign company in Indonesia? Goverment? Citizen?
If you ask me, I'll answer ALL.

And for the one that said 'Hitler better than Indonesia. ', SEARCH FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION, PLEASE! We're better than before.

Lastly, for the one that made this polling, WHAT IS IT IN YOUR MIND? This polling could create another war between countries. - visitor

16 years ago, the Indonesians ran amok, raping Chinese girls, looting shops and setting buildings on fire. Never forget what you did

>>>Saturday, October 10, 1998 Published at 13:56 GMT 14:56 UK<<<
A young ethnic Chinese Indonesian woman who had been counselling women raped during rioting in May has been found murdered at her home in Jakarta

The body of Martadinata Haryono, 17, was found by her father on Friday night

Prabowo Subianto was the guy who planned the 1998 riot and rapes of Chinese girls. This guy is evil. Indonesians are evil

He is on the blacklist of US Immigration. I hope the US would put an International Warrant of Arrest against him for Crimes against Humanity - visitor

Well I agree with you that Subianto is evil but the Indonesians that are killing Chinese is brainwashed - CerealGuy

To analyze current situation you need to understand the macro level before going into micro level. As the world is directed towards the New world Order, in the end, the winner wants a sole control of this earth.

Politic is like playing chess.

To understand the players you need to go back in time and look at the history. From the the reign of Pharaoh, Assyrian, Babylonia, the rise and fall of Old kingdom of Israel, the relationships between Pagan Polytheism and Abrahamic monotheistic religion, and the long conflict between them, the rise of Roman empire, the conversion of roman empire to Christianity, the division of Western and Eastern Roman empire, the rise of the vatican, the fall of Western Roman empire, the divide in Western and Eastern Christianity, the betrayal of Western Christianity (the crusaders) against Byzantine Empire (1206), The rise of British Empire, the fall of Byzantine Empire, the rise of Ottoman empire, the creation of Zionist organization (1897), the fall of Ottoman empire, the Rise of USA, the start of WW1, the Bolshevik Revolution, the creation of USSR, the Balfour declaration, the emergence of Nazi, WW2, Bretton Woods Conference, the creation of IMF, the independence of all colonized countries, the creation of Israel, Vietnam war, Nixon decision to break up Bretton Woods (the break up of USD Gold Convertibility, Arab Spring, Oil Crisis, the Rise of Petro Dollar, the Fall of USSR. The rise of Eastern Orthodox Christianity in Russia by Putin, the rise of SCO (Sanghai Cooperation Organization), Middle East conflict and the rise of terrorist groups, Ukrainian Conflict, etc.. Etc..

By Understanding the history you will then see the pattern.

For example, see the interview with Professor Antony C Sutton on YouTube.
http://m. Be

As for indonesia please see link below:
Ford Country: Building an Elite for Indonesia.
( Html) Htm - visitor

Indoneasian killed lots of chinese people! - visitor

When you thought and said crime as good action, and good action as crime. Time for you, go to crazy hospital and unlucky forever. - visitor

I was born and raised in Jakarta for 15 years when I migrated, or the worst hole you'll never want to end up with. Retarded government officials, retarded people bashing the western world or even malaysia when all malaysia did was taking the insults like a champ and actually catching up with singapore in terms of everything. I urge all sane Indonesians to migrate. Heheh is it okay to hate your own people? Cause I do and I hope I really dooo, in fact, the chinese are 100x better than the pribumi natives when they became the scapegoat for no reason. Mark my words, as long as Indonesia rejects the chinese, the multiculturalism, the outside world's view of Indonesia, and be proud of your country when there's nothing to be proud of except for traffic, corruption & poverty & 90 million other things I haven't mention, INDONESIA WILL NEVER SEE A BRIGHT FUTURE. So suck it up and face it. that's the truth, and this is coming from a Muslim indonesian. I am not siding with you, I am with the outside world. - visitor