Some of you people have no idea what on earth you are talking about. Don't comment if you have no clue what you are talking about! Don't generalise people. Do you guys even know people from these specific countries!? Seems as though you don't. Research and maybe you will realise that what you are saying is wrong. You people make me sick. You definitely have no knowledge of certain countries. People commenting Russia saying they should all die, thank you for making a country larger than Pluto a frigging necropolis! Thank you for killing off half of myself, my siblings and my family and many others and what's this about Russians being liars and being rude? Have you even met a Russian. About Americans, they are patriotic because they are proud. Let people have pride so long as it doesn't turn to arrogance! North Koreans get brainwashed, the way we all do except for the fact it seems to be more extreme. South Korea is also really corrupt but mainly because many of them dream big and bribe to help their kids succeed. I could mention others but why the effort. Think before you type and meet somebody from that actual country before you go ahead and stereotype based on nothing. Do some frigging research! Thank you for reading this rant.


I also hate stereotypes, people who stereotype deserve to be defined as stupid. Stupidity is not a lack of intelligence, it is the trait of ignorance, arogance, etc. - visitor

The only true stereotype is people from the USA. Plus, they stereotype other people, so they deserve to be stereotyped back. - visitor

Only thing I know about Russia is that they had brother relationships with Greece from ancient times, in 1821 with the Greek revolution against the turk pigs, Russia had a Greek dragoman served in Imperial Russian Army (Demetrios Ypsilantis), he was one of the revolution's leaders and Russia helped him to achieve that goal. Later on when Nazi invaded Russia they also send an army in Greece along with Italians, the Germans lost both on Russia and Greece and this meant the fall of Hitler's empire. Their alliance will live forever.. - visitor

I thank you for saying this, racism sucks - visitor

Nice post visitor. I agree with everything you wrote. - EpicJake