You People Are Heartless

Golferxd You people are heartless. Most of you are probably Korean or Chinese. Let me, A Japanese AND American LIVING IN Japan explain this to you.

1. You say Japanese are racist? They're NOT! If they were Koreans and Chinese and Filipinos would be deported from this country. But this country is inviting and allows you to live here. And of course Chinese and Koreans and Filipinos want to live here. Japan has everything easy. They've got cheap insurance, great hospitality, amazing neighborhoods, Japan is crime free so you could basically leave your car unlocked with your iPhone on the seat and no one will take it, Japan has beautiful scenery, they've got better tap water than America and anywhere else. I drink the tap water! It's normal! No limestone! Anyways, Japan is not racist because I am black and Japanese so it's obvious I'm American and I recently started going to a Japanese school and I was SO SCARED that people would judge me because I'm American but actually, everyone loves me because I'm different! I've got tons of friends and no one gives me looks! Japanese people aren't rude and speak their mind like Chinese and Korean people! They keep that inside and think about who their talking to. They respect each other! In their heads, when they see an American or Filipino, they wish they were like them because they think it's cool to be different. They like the diversity!

2. This history crap is making me mad. That was how long ago? And you don't even know what this country is doing to themselves. Most of Japanese people hate their own country because of the mistakes they made. Japanese people aren't even allowed to pledge their flag like America. It's sad when you think about it. But if you would just let go of the past and look to the future, look at the Amazing things Japanese is doing. Who do you think was first to react and send food to the Philippines after that tsunami? Who do you think called the Korean ferry and offered help when it sank? Japan. you have no idea how much of this countries funds are rooted and given to other Asian countries who strive for help and the Japanese STILL give Korea money even though they don't need to. If it wasn't for Japanese Korea would be poor! All the money Japan gave to Korea helped them become this big! They should be thankful!

3. The people in Japan are not mean. Only some old people. This country has more old people than young and a lot of them are cranky and ready to decease so.

Japan has the best of everything. The best technology, the best food, the best hospitality, the best cars! The best of anything you can think of. It's even highly likely that something close to you is actually Japanese! You just don't know! Japan is a master of inventions also. They've invented too much. And as for food. Yes our food originated from China, but you gotta admit. We make it so much better than them. Who wants to go to China and breath their air that is as toxic as 20 cigars when you can go to Japan and explore the culture. Plus, Japan is perfect for girls. Especially Tokyo. They've got amazing fashion and stationary! If you want cute stationary, Japan is the place to go!


YYea I love the japanes culture and people and food! C: - XMrGentlemanX

Trudat - CityGuru

So many stereotypes! Just give me a break. - visitor

All lies laugh out loud - visitor

China is developing, Japanese! - visitor

Fraud - visitor

In my opinion, Japan's best things are AV girls. Hha - visitor

People should be bashing on the USA, not Japan. At least Japan is less fat, has more freedom, and has less arrogant people. - visitor

Agree, the top 10 worse country list is BULL! And even the people comment it too - CerealGuy

Yeah, I agree with you, I love japanese culture, also has many japanese tattos. But japan has one of the highest Rank in suicide. Maby that way to live and the culture push the people to have a stressfull life. by the way I think is a nice country - visitor

I love the Japanese, and I am not from Japan. They did not cause the Pearl Harbour attack, which prompted to cause the United States of America get sucked into World War 2 in December 1941. - visitor

I know right! They're all talking about history! And its racist! Each country has their own way and own rights, I wish people would notice thart! - visitor